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Beard hairstyle trends: Timeless & cool beard styles for self-confident men

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A well-groomed beard is not only an expression of masculinity, it also stands for personality and self-confidence. There are now many different beard hairstyles and shapes that are suitable for the respective face shapes and result in trendy beard styles. In today’s article we have the most popular ones for you Beard hairstyles trends summarized, among which you will undoubtedly find the one that best suits you. You will also learn how the beard style can influence your overall appearance and charisma.

Beard hairstyle trends – natural, attractive and casual


One of the beard hairstyle trends that every man has, regardless of hair color and face shape, is the casual one Three-day beard. As with any beard style in general, this modern beard hairstyle also means that its wearer does not have to adhere to any regulations. There is no perfect length in a charming three-day beard. Any length that is between 0.4 and 5 millimeters will give your face the gritty look of an adventurer. If your face is round, this beard style ensures clear contours and therefore a robust look. With rectangular faces, this beard style hides the angular face shapes and makes your face appear rounder. The three-day beard can also help you hide your double chin. This beard hairstyle is really attractive if you take care of your facial hair. Otherwise it is up to you to decide whether you want to trim your beard finely or leave it a little longer. Its longer version, the so-called six-day beard, is also very popular. Well-groomed, it suits mostly men with an elongated or rectangular face.

The Henriquatre – regal and stylish


One of the most popular hairstyle trends is the henriquatre, namely the beard that runs around the mouth. With the beard style Henriquatre, the cheeks and neck area are shaved. This beard cut is practically a combination of a goatee and mustache. In order for the henriquatre not to lose its shape, the whiskers must be trimmed regularly. This beard hairstyle looks masculine and goes especially well with square and large faces. This beard shape can quickly become aggressive if you wear the lower section too long.

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The sideburn beard – playful and seductive

joaquin phoenix sideburn beard beard hairstyle

If you have a round face, you can make your face look longer with the sideburn beard. With this beard shape, the beard hair forms a connection between the scalp hair and the rest of the beard hair. The beard hair runs symmetrically on both cheeks and the rest is shaved smooth. This beard style looks playful and retro, just like in the 50s.

The mustache or mustache – classic, mysterious, nostalgic


The mustache is one of the most diverse beard hairstyles that actually grow very quickly and are very easy to care for. This beard shape has several names and is called mustache, mustache or mustache, among other things. The mustache in its distinctive shape is often coiffed, twirled or curled. The mustache only comes into its own when the face is carefully shaved and the whiskers are trimmed and trimmed. The mustache represents character and individuality. If it is not presented in a stylish enough way, the mustache can even look stuffy. It can also be combined very well with other beard shapes, such as the full beard or the soul patch.

Beard hairstyle trends to match every face shape – universal, but still cool


One of the beard hairstyles is trends that fit every face shape and hardly affect the overall appearance of a man the soul patch. This universal beard style is a small lip beard that is worn over the chin and under the lip. The small mustache gives its wearer a cool and astute appearance and cannot be overlooked. This beard style has a very special touch and suits many face shapes and looks. It is one of the beard hairstyles that are suitable for men who want to get used to wearing and styling a beard for the first time.

The Chin Puff – easy-care, casual and masculine


If you want to wear a beard that is always uncomplicated to use, but still looks cool and casual, the Chin Puff might be the right beard hairstyle for you. This narrow mustache is very similar to the Soul Patch, but runs in a vertical line to the chin. Even as a beginner and without any beard know-how, you will succeed in this beard style.

The goatee – young, masculine, expressive


The eye-catching goatee, also known as goatee or goatee, is a real eye-catcher and can influence your charisma and facial features. The spirited beard style is particularly beneficial for oval faces and makes your face look longer. The strikingly masculine goatee leaves you with many creative options when styling your beard. If you are keen to experiment and always like to change your appearance, the goatee is the right thing for you. Depending on the look you want, you can wear this beard hairstyle narrow or wide, long or short, with a mustache or sideburns.

The rap industry standard – fine, romantic luxury beard

Craig David rap industry standard musician

One of the beard hairstyle trends that help create a romantic and masculine look is the thin beard Rap Industry Standart. This cool beard hairstyle is a combination of different beards and is particularly suitable for round faces. The whiskers run from the cheeks around the mouth and also connect the lower lip to the chin. To shave this attractive beard shape, you need a sure instinct and you have to style it carefully. This beard style is so fine and precise that it looks like it’s painted on.

The Schifferkrause – powerful, self-confident and proud


The beard shape Schifferkrause, which can also be found under the name Chin Curtain or Lincoln, is actually a kind of chin strap that has more volume and is significantly denser. This dominant beard takes up large parts of the face and needs to be kept in shape on a regular basis. The robust beard style gives you a lot of leeway. Let it grow as you see fit, the natural and casual look is guaranteed.

The full beard – the king of beards


If there is one beard hairstyle that stands out from all beard styles, it is definitely the full beard. The trendy beard hairstyle impresses with its splendor and is incredibly multifaceted and compatible. Whether in its stylish version, in which the contours are cleanly shaved, or without any styling, the full beard is one of the beard hairstyle trends that are timeless and look incredibly masculine. The full beard gives its wearer a wiser look and suits every face shape. As far as the ideal length of the beard is concerned, it is definitely a matter of taste. If the beard looks more noticeable and powerful, you can wear it longer. When you grow a full beard, you can be sure that the gorgeous facial hair will create a masculine and adventurous appearance.