Your garden in December – where and what can be improved?

garden in december planning what-to-do-winter

In the first month of winter, gardeners have more free time, which allows them to think again about where and what they are in without rushing to think through their plans for the next summer Garden in December can improve.

When the cold comes in, it is better not to do gardening any more. So it is recommended that the work in your garden be completed by the beginning of December. If the ground is frozen, it is better not to go on the lawn; The stems and roots of the grass can easily be broken and these areas often turn brown in spring. There is no need to throw snow from the sidewalks onto the lawn during the winter months. A thick blanket of snow stops the flow of air, causing the grass to suffocate and die.

Garden in December

Do not burn the piles of dry leaves because different animals are hiding there!

Garden in December pile-fall-leaves-do-not-burn

If you didn’t prune your shrubs and trees in October and November, now is the time to do so. At the beginning of December there are sometimes a few nice days, cold but still sunny, so you can still work in the garden. If you come across such an opportunity, don’t hesitate to get started with pruning!

Garden in December shrubs-october-november-pruning

In the cold months you don’t just sit around without doing anything. The main task of gardeners in winter is to save the seedlings of dahlias and gladioli until spring. While your garden is enjoying its hibernation, you can also relax a bit. While relaxing, please think about how you want to design your garden in the coming spring so that it becomes even more beautiful. You can find some ideas about it here! Scroll down and read on!

Garden in December – Better to plan, not work

The hellebore looks cute, it brings a happy atmosphere into your garden

snowdrop-hellebore-spring-under-the-snow garden in December

The hellebore is a beautiful ornamental plant with large flowers that appear under the snow in spring. You will bring the first colors to your garden when you grow this plant there! Mainly known is the Christmas rose, the so-called black hellebore (Helleborus niger), which best tolerates sun and drought. It develops very well in humus-rich, calcareous soils. The smelly hellebore (Helleborus foetidus) also demonstrates great light green flower colors. In the meantime a number of hybrids have been bred. This includes, for example, the Helleborus “Queen of the night” variety, a cross between the oriental hellebore and the purple hellebore.

Ornamental grasses can be a good solution for the open garden areas

Muhlenbergia capillaris pink hair grass garden

If you are in doubt what kind of plants to put in open and sunlit spots in your garden or in the shade under the canopy of trees, you have just found a very simple answer. Colorful ornamental grasses with fine petals! For example, Chinese reed (Miscanthus sinensis) and pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana). But be warned, they grow quickly so they shouldn’t be too densely sown.


Pampas grass is a perennial herbaceous, evergreen plant. The leaves are gray-green, 1-2 m long. At the end of summer, pale pink or white panicles appear on long stems up to 2.5 m. The decorative pampas grass is a perennial that can decorate your garden for a few years if the location suits it. The feathery flowers unfold in August and can keep their full splendor until November.

China grass-Miscanthus-China reed-elephant-grass-garden-plants

The Chinese grass Miscanthus, on the other hand, grows in sunny places with high humidity. It likes cold winds and prefers fertile soils. It can grow in one place for many years and will not tolerate transplanting. It is very beautiful in autumn when the leaves are yellow in color and also during its flowering period from August to October.

Living fence as a privacy screen from nosy neighbors

Spierstaude-pink-privacy-screen-garden-visual-cover garden in December

So that you are well protected from the prying eyes of your neighbors in your garden, you can make a living fence as a privacy screen and visual cover. On the border of your property, you can grow shrubs that do not exceed two meters high. Such are the Spierstaude and the stone kingdoms. Over the years, they grow so dense and form a solid green wall.

Seedlings need to overwinter in the right place and under suitable conditions

dahlia bulbs overwintering tips garden in December

Dahlias, begonias and gladioli are among the most popular garden flowers, and not without reason. These splendid plant species with their wonderful flowers adorn our gardens all summer long. They might actually be the ideal plants for the lazy gardener if they were hardy too. The otherwise easy-care garden beauties are very sensitive in winter. Your tubers are very sensitive to frost and dahlias and gladiolus tubers are not allowed to overwinter outdoors. Therefore, before the first night frosts, they should be cut back to 10 to 15 centimeters above the ground and then dug up.

Keep the tubers in a sufficiently dry room (humidity 60-70%) and at a temperature of 5-10 degrees. Stored in the cold room or in the cellar, this will do the gladiolus tubers good. The room needs to be ventilated occasionally.

Begonia tubers, buttercups, are stored in the same way as those of gladioli, but best in a moist location, in peat or sawdust. So they will hibernate really well.

All tubers, bulbs, rhizomes should be carefully checked twice a month, infected parts must be cut off.

Plan your garden in December for next year