Which ground covers have red flowers? These are the most beautiful flowering perennials

The ground covers are true all-rounders and offer numerous outdoor uses. The professionals use them as problem solvers because they drive away the weeds, protect the hillside garden from erosion and offer a cost-effective variant for large plots of land. Hobby gardeners use it to fill in gaps or plant trees under. Flowering carpet-forming perennials look very attractive. This allows large areas in the garden to be colored and creatively designed. We have already presented you with different variants in pink, white and yellow. Now we answer the question “Which ground cover have red flowers” and list the most beautiful plant species.

These ground covers have red flowers: an overview of the plant species and design tips

Ground cover roses red flowers in the garden

Red blooming ground covers are real eye-catchers in the garden. In contrast to perennials with white, pink or yellow flowers, which spread over larger areas in most outdoor areas, the plants are accented with red flowers. The red color tires the eye and is therefore not suitable for planting areas that are larger than 1 square meter. It looks much better if you combine the ground cover with red flowers with other plants. How to use the perennials with low growth:

1. As a transition between different areas, for example a lawn and a flower bed.

2. In the raised bed they are usually right at the front and their fiery red flowers hang over the edge of the flowerbed.

3. As a gap filler in combination with white flowers, they ensure blooms in shady and bare places.

4. In the rock garden or on the stone wall, they provide food for pollinating insects and birds.

When can you plant ground cover?? The correct planting time is in August. The young plants are then set at a distance of about 30 cm from one another. This gives you enough time to form new roots and strengthen the old ones.

Flowering ground cover: roses that have red flowers

Blooming ground cover roses with red flowers in the garden at the edge of the lawn

The term “ground cover roses” encompasses a wide variety of varieties. All roses have one thing in common: They do not grow taller than 80 cm. The perennials spread quickly and quickly guarantee a dense vegetation that displaces the weeds. When it comes to blooming, the ground cover rose is in no way inferior to the climbing plant or the shrub. The shape of the flowers varies: some varieties have double flowers, others filigree flowers. Below we list several varieties that have red flowers.

The Scarlett variety scores with a very long flowering time. The variety is very floriferous and has overhanging shoots.

  • Location: sunny, shady, in light shade
  • Floor: nutrient-rich, moderately moist, mulch in winter
  • Water requirement: Water moderately if the drought persists
  • Flowering time: June – September
  • Planting time:  October – May.
  • Winter hardiness: hardy
  • Max. Height: 80 cm
  • Areas of application: on the edge of a raised bed, as an accent in the rock garden, on the edge of the lawn
  • Plant partner: Bellflower, monkshood, lavender, mint, sage

The Noare variety is very easy to care for, has a long flowering time and is very disease resistant. It can withstand heat and drought without any problems. A pruning in spring is necessary, because this stimulates the plant to form new shoots.

  • Location: off-sun, sunny, in light shade, partial shade
  • Floor: humic, moderately moist
  • Water requirement: low, can tolerate drought well
  • Flowering time: May – October
  • Planting time: October – May
  • Winter hardiness: hardy
  • Max. Height: 60 cm
  • Areas of application: on the edge of the wood, on the edge of the lawn, in partially shaded corners
  • Plant partner: for partial shade – hostas, for sun: switchgrass or Chinese reed

Flowering ground cover: carnation with red flowers

flowering ground cover carnation with red flowers care

The ground cover carnations are cushion-forming perennials that can be used in many ways in the garden. There are several varieties with a low growth (around 20 cm) that score with a high level of adaptability.

The “Eastern Star” variety is a permanent bloomer with filigree flowers in wine red.

  • Location: sunny, shady, in light shade
  • Floor: permeable, barren, slightly alkaline, moderately fresh
  • Water requirement: low, water only when necessary
  • Flowering time: May – October
  • Planting time: all year round at temperatures above 5 ° Celsius
  • Winter hardiness: hardy
  • Max. Height: 15 cm
  • Areas of application: as a gap filler in beds, lawn edging, in rock gardens and on the edge of stairs
  • Plant partner: Bluebells, evergreen candytuft, basil, mint

The sedum plant in the ground cover variant with red flowers

Stonecrop ground cover with red flowers to border the garden path

Carpet sedum is a low perennial that is common in its native Iran in mountains above the tree line of 2,500 meters. But it also feels at home in the garden at home, provided the hobby gardener finds a suitable location.

The carpet sedum (still known as carpet sedum) “Fuldaglut” attracts attention with its large red flowers.

  • Location: full sun
  • Floor: permeable, dry, lean
  • Water requirement: low, cannot tolerate waterlogging
  • Flowering time: July to September
  • Planting time: in the autumn
  • Winter hardiness: hardy
  • Max. Height: 10 cm, invasive
  • Areas of application: in the rock garden, as a border for garden paths, as a soloist and in groups
  • Plant partner: Gold milkweed, evergreen germander, cat paws

Which ground covers have red flowers? Cinquefoil / potentilla

Red cinquefoil ground cover

Cinquefoil is a beautiful perennial known for its long flowering time. The carpet-forming varieties are mostly hybrids that, despite their compact growth, stand upright and are heavily branched.

The “Gibson’s Scarlet” variety is known for its red color, which can vary from orange-red to wine-red.

  • Location: sunny
  • Floor: well drained, moderately moist, humic
  • Water requirement: normal, water regularly in summer
  • Flowering time: June – September
  • Planting time: October
  • Winter hardiness: hardy, wind and frost protection necessary in the first few years
  • Max. Height: 40 cm, upright compact habit
  • Areas of application: in the natural garden as an edging for garden paths, on the edge of the wood
  • Plant partner: the girl’s eye, the common cat’s paw, the mountain aster

Flowering ground cover: phlox with red flowers

What ground cover have red flowers phlox carpet-forming perennials

The dwarf phlox is a perennial that forms numerous small flowers in spring. The plant hangs over raised beds, natural stone walls and large stones in the garden and therefore blends in particularly harmoniously in natural gardens. The carpet phlox is available in many colors, with the versions with purple and blue flowers being particularly popular. In recent years, however, the plant with pink-red star-shaped flowers has crept into the hearts of hobby gardeners.

The “Scarlet Flame” variety blooms profusely in spring. She prefers a location in full sun. If she is comfortable, she can get by with very little maintenance. This makes it the perfect choice for sunny areas in the rock garden to which the gardener has no access.

  • Location: sunny, shady, in light shade
  • Floor: dry to moderately fresh, lean, well-drained. Cannot stand waterlogging
  • Water requirement: low, pour if necessary when the heat is available
  • Flowering time: April June
  • Planting time: in autumn, from October
  • Winter hardiness: hardy
  • Max. Height: 15 cm
  • Areas of application: Bee pasture, rock garden, natural garden, between stepping stones
  • Plant partner: Candytuft, blue pillow, bluebell

What ground cover have pink-red flowers: blue pillows

Ground cover red stone herb varieties overview

The blue pillow is a carpet-forming perennial that, if properly cared for, spreads quickly in the garden and ensures bloom. The plant is a magnet for bees and bumblebees.

The “Bressingham Red” variety attracts attention with its bright pink flowers, which turn into deep red over time.

  • Location: sunny, shady, in light shade
  • Floor: moderately moist, permeable
  • Water requirement: low to moderate
  • Flowering time: April May
  • Planting time: October
  • Winter hardiness: hardy
  • Max. Height: 10-15 cm
  • Areas of application: in the rock garden, in the natural garden, on dry stone walls, for properties on a slope
  • Plant partner: Rock stone herb, rockcress

These ground cover plants have red flowers: rock stone herb

Maintain ground cover red blue pillows and which variety

The stone herb is an evergreen, hardy and cushion-forming perennial from the cruciferous family, which is available in almost all rainbow colors. Both annual and perennial varieties are available in the garden center. The rock stone herb is cut back at the end of July / beginning of August, which promotes its growth and extends its flowering time. If the soil is particularly poor in nutrients, you can fertilize it with compost at the start of the gardening season.

The “Wonderland” variety is particularly popular with hobby gardeners for its fire red flowers. Together with other stone herb varieties with pink, orange and yellow flowers, it forms a colorful ensemble.

  • Location: full sun, shady (needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight)
  • Floor: fresh to moderately moist, with a high proportion of clay or sand, permeable
  • Water requirement: moderate in spring and summer, low in autumn and winter
  • Flowering time: June – September
  • Planting time: May after the ice saints
  • Winter hardiness: hardy
  • Max. Height: 20 cm
  • Areas of application: Edging for the garden path, in the rock garden, the perfect plant for dry stone walls
  • Plant partner: Roses, Goldmarie, rockcress