Underplanting for trees – what grows in the tree shade?

Underplanting for trees -black-snakebeard-grass-gravel bed

There are a variety of reasons for underplanting trees. If the garden is small and every square meter counts, the area under a large tree has to be used. Lawn grass doesn’t grow well in tree shade either, so you need to find another solution. Today we’re going to give you a few tips on how to Underplanting for trees, which are visually appealing and as harmless as possible for the tree.

Underplanting for trees – ground cover

underplanting-birch-ground cover-guensel-lilac-blooming

Ground covers are ideal as underplanting for trees, because they thrive well in the shade, are maintenance-free and embed themselves well in the natural environment. A good choice would be the evergreen Vinca minor, spindle bush, ivy and Günsel. Hosta, woodruff, hazel root, pseudo-berry and lily of the valley are not evergreen, but they are also good. After the ground covers have been planted under trees, frequent watering is required until they have grown deep into the garden soil.

Underplanting for trees – shrubs


Small evergreen shrubs are good underplanting for trees because they grow low and dense. The majority of shrubs require almost no maintenance and do well in soil enhanced with organic matter. Some good ideas would be the laurel daphne, which reaches a height of about 1 meter and is up to 1.5 meters wide. The shrub produces yellow-green flowers in spring. The Shallon shamberry (Gaultheria shallon) reaches a ripe height of about 1.2 meters and bears small pink flowers in spring. The flowers are followed by purple colored fruits. The evergreen creeping honeysuckle (Lonicera pileata) is an immegreen shrub that grows about 60 centimeters high and bears small, cream-colored flowers and purple berries in spring.

Underplanting for trees – perennials


Flowering perennials can bring a lot of color into play. The dainty flowers would create a nice contrast to the dark, robust tree bark. It is better to always plant perennials instead of annual flowers under trees, because annual planting can be disturbing for the tree roots. Over time, the roots of the tree and those of the perennials become intertwined and work together.

modern garden design

underplanting-olive-trees-ornamental-grass-gravel beds

low box hedge under tree


Jacob’s ladder and hazel root

underplanting-tree-shade-Polemonium-reptans-Jacob's ladder hazel root

Soil covered with mulch


Woodruff and Japanese Maple

Underplanting for trees shade-woodruff-japanese-maple

Iris flowers, forget-me-not and lily of the valley


Laurel silk blast


Ivy and ferns


underplanting-trees-shade-Brunnera-macrophylla-Jack Frost-Caucasus forget-me-not

underplanting-trees-shade-ground cover-white-blooming-waldmeister-Galium-Odoratum





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