Tree trunk flower pot design – creative decoration ideas to make yourself

Decoration ideas flower pot wood houseplants

The interesting tree trunk Flower pot design, that we would like to introduce to you has recently become particularly topical in modern home furnishings. The original project is not only beautiful and elegant, but also very easy to do yourself. The idea is simple, cheap and impressive.

Flower pot design – bring a natural touch into the house

Flower pot design-do-it-yourself handicrafts

As an alternative to traditional ceramic or plastic planters, the natural one comes in Flower pot design. All you need to creatively transform your home is just a thick wooden ring, the trunk or branch of a fallen tree, and enough imagination. For example, you can plant beautiful cacti in the original flower pot.

Flower pot design ideas for passionate gardeners

Carve out tree trunk in flower pot

If you like to have flowers and houseplants at home, but have little time to care for plants, then it would be best for you to grow only easy-care plants. With succulents and cacti, there is no need to strictly control the humidity; in general, these types of plants require little attention. In fact, some people say that cacti thrive if neglected! Of course, we don’t recommend the latter! The tree trunk Flower pot design with cacti is a great, interesting decoration for every living room that attracts everyone’s attention.

Tips for indoor garden design

Tree trunk flower pot cactus house plants

Carve out the tree trunk and use sandpaper to smooth the inner surfaces of the planter. Finally, paint the whole flower pot to protect it from water and dirt. Using the same principle, you could make other tree trunk planters, try new shapes or dramatic designs. Create a beautiful flower corner on the balcony or arrange the flower pots on shelves in the living room and feel closer to nature. Decoration with a wood look like this massive one Flower pot design goes well with ultra modern, puristic or classically furnished living spaces. Simple idea for maximum effect.