Tips for buying a lawn mower – which mower model do you recommend?

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In specialist shops or on the Internet you can get such a comprehensive range of inexpensive lawnmowers that you are quickly spoiled for choice. The different types of lawn mowers naturally have their special features, advantages and disadvantages. If you are currently looking for the right model for your garden, then take a little time to find our Tips on buying lawn mowers to read.

Buying recommendations for lawn mowers: how to make the right choice

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On the one hand there are personal preferences, on the other hand the factors that have to be taken into account when buying a lawnmower. Of course, the price also plays an important role. But what is really useful and necessary here? There are 3 different types of lawnmower drive: battery, electric or gasoline-powered. Depending on the size and slope of the lawn, as well as the accessibility of a power source, a different motor type is recommended. Manufacture with the help of our Tips on buying lawn mowers a list of what requirements the optimal lawnmower should meet.

1 / The lawn area determines the type of lawn mower

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Electric mowers and cordless mowers are perfect for small lawns (150-200 m2). In the case of larger areas, the freedom from cables is a great advantage – there it is advisable to buy a petrol lawn mower or lawn tractor. Petrol mowers usually only start at around 300 euros, while small electric mowers can be bought from around 100 euros in hardware stores. Even cheap models for household use can usually do their job for over 10 years without any problems. Regardless of the type of lawn mower you choose, it is important to make your work as easy as possible and enjoyable for you.

2 / Adjustable cutting width and cutting height

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Small and angled areas are well served with narrow cutting widths. The larger the lawn, however, the larger the cutting width must also be. It is important that the cutting height can also be adjusted easily and comfortably (e.g. by using a lever or the push of a button) because the lawn has not grown the same everywhere. The wider mowers are also more expensive. The adjustable lawnmower also facilitates space-saving storage and transport.

3 / Ease of use of the bracket mount: Easy to use

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The adjustable and ergonomically shaped handle bar, which can be adjusted to the height of the user, is also an advantage.

4 / Large or small grass catcher?

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The large collector can be an advantage, especially with larger lawns. What is more important, however, is that the collector is easy to empty and remove.

5 / Take safety measures

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The automatic safety switch is an absolute must – if you take your hand off the bracket, the machine should stop automatically.

6 / Tips for buying a lawn mower – the right material

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The material of the lawnmower should ideally be sturdy. The housing is most often made of plastic (for electric lawn mowers).

7 / The size of the wheels

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Another important aspect when buying a lawn mower is the size of the wheels. The bigger the wheels, the easier it is for them to run in tall grass and cope much better with bumps in the ground.

8 / Tips when buying a lawnmower – care and maintenance

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Electric mowers are usually almost maintenance-free, while gasoline mowers, for example, are subject to an air filter or oil change at least once a year. All mower types occasionally require sharpening of the cutting tools and thorough cleaning after the mowing season before they are stored.

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