The lunar calendar for the garden 2014 – helpful tips for better harvests

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Of the Lunar calendar for garden indicates how proper gardening should go throughout the year.

The lunar calendar for the garden – many people believe in the power of the moon

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Although there is no evidence of the beneficial effects of that Lunar calendar for garden there are more and more gardeners showing great interest in it. The position of the moon in the sky determines its influence on the plants. A distinction is also made between promotion and relegation phases. It depends on these phases of the moon whether you should harvest fruit or root crops such as potatoes and carrots. People believe that the position of the moon affects plant saps and plant growth. Gardening on the lunar calendar includes any work in the garden. Mow the lawn or remove weeds – everything should be coordinated with the calendar. First look up which types of plants and vegetables sow, plant, cut or harvest!

The lunar calendar for the garden – note the position of the moon in the sky

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Planting and transplanting after Lunar calendar for garden

When the moon rises, sowing should be your concern. Transplanting is recommended when the moon passes through the constellation Virgo. This is how you give the plants the chance to become beautiful and healthy. When the moon is descending, and especially when it is in the constellation Cancer, you know that it is time to plant the foliage plants.

The fertilizing

It is recommended that you do this gardening under the full moon. It would be even better for your plant landscape if the moon is in the following constellations – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. If you have problems with the flowering of some types of plants, then you should wait until the moon appears in the constellations Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Fertilizing when the moon is rising is prohibited, otherwise it can damage the plants.


Water the garden when the moon is in the constellations Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces! In the ascension phase it is believed that the earth exhales and the plant saps move upwards. Therefore, this is an inconvenient time to cut. The wounds will take longer to heal.

The descent phase is connected with breathing in the earth. This time the sap is directed downwards, which is important for the roots. Therefore, they should not be treated at this time. However, this is a good time to cut longer shrubs.

The lunar calendar for garden 2014 – important information depending on the month

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The beginning of March is a good time for harvest. You should refrain from using fertilizers on certain days. Don’t neglect regular watering! Early April – at this time it is advisable not to water the plants to protect them from the pests. Many days in May are identified as an inconvenient time for harvesting and watering. In June you can sow and plant various types of fruit and vegetables. After this Lunar calendar for garden effective weed removal is entirely possible in June. Mow the lawn too. Inquire about all of the tips and tricks the moon gives us for each and every month of the year and find out what is best for your garden.

Gardening according to the lunar calendar

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A distinction is made between promotion and relegation phases

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