The different types of lawn mowers in comparison – advantages and disadvantages

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Mowing the lawn used to be heavy physical work, but now it is effortless and even convenient. This is possible thanks to functional lawn mowers. The range is huge and it is often difficult to find the right model. That is why we have an overview of the various Lawnmower types and their advantages and disadvantages have been compiled. If you want to buy a lawnmower, you should consider a few things – area, cutting width, engine power, cutting height, stability, collecting container and others.

 Lawnmower types in comparison

1. Hand cylinder mower – for areas up to 300 square meters

Lawn mower types comparison before disadvantages hand cylinder mower

Advantages: quiet and light, offers the best lawn cut, no cables or petrol required, takes up little space, low price, no maintenance costs

Disadvantages: the cutting width is small, no collection bag

2. Electric mower – suitable for small and medium-sized areas 600 square meters

bosch electric lawn mower advantages-disadvantages lawn mower type

Advantages: quieter, more environmentally friendly and easier to start than petrol mowers

Disadvantages: socket necessary, cable restricts range, lower power than petrol mowers

3. Petrol lawn mower – 600 – 1500 sqm

petrol lawn mower collecting basket before disadvantages

Advantages: no cable, suitable for larger areas, more powerful than electric mowers

Disadvantages: very loud, odor from exhaust fumes, mostly heavier

4. Cordless lawn mower – 600 sqm

Bosch cordless lawn mower ROTAK 43 LI ERGOFLEX

Lawnmower types compared to Bosch battery advantage disadvantage

Advantages: quiet, flexible, easy to start, low-maintenance, large range of motion, similar to electric mowers, emission-free

Disadvantages: limited to small to medium-sized areas, battery charging time 12-24 hours, replacement battery required

5. Robot lawn mower – 200 – 1500 square meters

honda miimo lawn mower robot types comparison advantages-disadvantages

Advantages: drive independently, automatic charging, the lawn stays healthy and looks well-groomed

The only disadvantage: expensive

6. Air cushion mower (Petrol or electric) – 100 – 1500 sqm

Air cushion mower steep slopes slope lawn height

Advantages: easy to use, move effortlessly, light, are particularly suitable for steep or difficult to access surfaces, relatively inexpensive

Disadvantages: does not work on tall grass, limited cutting height adjustment, no grass catcher

7. Ride-on mower – suitable for larger areas 800 – 1500 sqm

Riding lawn mower comfort John Deere lawn mower types comparison

Advantages: smaller than a lawn tractor, convenient and effortless

Disadvantages: expensive compared to the other variants for small and medium-sized areas, time-consuming maintenance, lots of space for storage

8. Lawn tractor – are worthwhile from 1500 sqm

Lawn mower types comparison before disadvantages zero turn robotic lawn mower

Advantages: suitable for large areas, more additional functions, convenient

Disadvantages: expensive, lots of storage space, high maintenance costs