Rhododendron in the garden – tips for planting, caring for, fertilizing, cutting

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Of the Rhododendron in the garden makes the hearts of gardeners beat faster in spring with an overwhelming abundance of flowers. Rhododendrons not only impress with their beautiful flowers, but can also be used as design elements and in groups as privacy hedges. Smaller varieties can be planted in pots. Their colorful spectacle begins at the beginning of May – they range from white to pink to bright yellow, blue and purple tones. The flowering shrubs have some special requirements, which we will explain in more detail.

Planting rhododendrons in the garden – choose the right location

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In autumn (between September and late October) or in spring (between early March and late April) the Rhododendron in the garden to be planted. The planting pit must be about three times as wide and twice as deep as the root ball. The shrub needs a location in partial shade where it does not dry out quickly. That means no open lawn or south-facing slope, but better under large shady trees. The right neighbors are tree species such as oak, yew, cherries, magnolias and laburnum. Birch, chestnut, beech, maple, linden and willow are less suitable or not at all.

Properly caring for rhododendrons in the garden

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A humus-rich and acidic soil with a pH value between 4.5 and 5.5 is ideal for the rhododendron. If the soil in your garden does not offer these conditions, you can optimize the acidity with special rhododendron fertilizers or choose another variety such as the Inkarho rhododendron. These long-lived trees do not require intensive care. They should only be well supplied with water during the flowering period and when the leaves are sprouting. A layer of mulch 3-5 cm high maintains the moisture in the soil. Rhododendrons thrive best in light partial shade, but some hybrids such as Yakushimanum can also do well in a sunny spot.

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The rhododendron cannot get nutrients from deeper soil layers because its roots are very shallow. Therefore, it must be regularly supplied with sufficient fertilizer. This is best done in early April and mid to late June, in no case later.

Purple rhododendron

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The rhododendron shrubs can become too large and lush over the years, so it should be cut back radically. However, this is not possible at all times – best at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring.

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Blue rhododendron

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Soft pink

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Cutting rhododendrons in the garden care tips for plants

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