Raising vegetables in the flower pot – varieties that are suitable

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Do you dream of growing your own fresh vegetables, but you don’t have a garden? Or is your garden just not enough to accommodate all the vegetables you would like to have? Then we have great news for you. There are vegetables that also thrive in flower pots. This way you can raise it wherever you want – whether on the balcony, terrace or along garden paths. In today’s article we want to show you which Vegetables in the flower pot can grow and what to look for for the best success.

Vegetables in the flower pot – what you need

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In order to achieve success with the vegetables in the flower pot, there are of course a few things to consider. So it is important to find the right size for the flower pot. Because every plant needs a different amount of space. While spices and lettuce get by with little space, tomatoes or peppers, for example, need a larger flower pot.

Vegetables in the flower pot for a lot of green on the balcony

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The choice of earth is just as important. This should be specially made for the cultivation of vegetables in the flower pot. The difference between this and the soil in the garden is that it is looser and not as heavy as the garden soil, which allows the plants to thrive better. You should also note that you have to water more often than would be the case in the garden. In the flower pot, the plants do not have the opportunity to spread their roots to look for water.

Vegetables in the flower pot take up little space

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If you have decided to raise the vegetables in the flower pot on the balcony, make sure that it can withstand the weight and that this is allowed. After all, you don’t want your large planter to visit your neighbor on the lower floor.

Vegetables in the flower pot – spices

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Although spices do not belong to vegetables, they should still be mentioned in our list of vegetables in the flower pot. They are very easy to care for and thrive in all types and sizes of flower pots. Even indoors you can raise them on the windowsill. In the case of a small garden, on the other hand, you can place the pots along a path, on the outer window sill or in other free places.

All types of spices thrive in the flower pot

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When choosing the flower pot, you should be guided by the size of the mature herb plant. For the smaller varieties, pots that are 15 to 30 cm deep and 30 cm in diameter are sufficient. Suitable spices in this case include chervil, chives, coriander, marjoram, oregano, parsley, sage, savory, tarragon and thyme. The basil, lavender and lemongrass are particularly good in flower pots that are 40 to 45 cm deep. Even larger pots need the rosemary and dill. So next to the vegetables in the flower pot, put a few with spices on them!

Salads as vegetables in the flower pot

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This type of vegetable is very popular for growing in the flower pot because it is just as undemanding as the spices. For this reason, they are often used to decorate the garden. In addition, your roots do not grow deep, so the salads can thrive well in shallow containers. A pot with a depth of only 15 cm is suitable for heads of lettuce and 20 cm for chicory, radicchio and spinach. If you want to plant this vegetable in a flower pot, you can either choose a single variety for a flower pot or you can mix several varieties in one and the same container.

Vegetables in the flower pot – strawberries

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Something that is quite uncomfortable about harvesting strawberries is that you have to crouch for a long time. However, if you grow them in a flower pot, there is a great benefit. The ripened fruits grow over the edge and can easily be plucked at a comfortable height. And even if this plant again does not fit our topic about vegetables in the flower pot (although there is much discussion about whether the strawberry is a vegetable, a fruit or a nut), we do not want to withhold this popular fruit from you.

Vegetables and strawberries in vertical gardens

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So if you want to add a few strawberry plants to your vegetables in the flower pot, it is best to choose a pot that is approx. 20 cm deep. To minimize the risk of snail infestation, you are also welcome to choose a pot to hang up. In this case, however, the container should be a little larger. You then need a depth and width of 30 cm. Whichever type of container you choose, it is best to place it near your seating area. So you can access it while relaxing.

Paprika as a vegetable in a flower pot

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You should plant the peppers early in the house or another covered area. After a short time you can put these vegetables in the flower pot outside in the sun. For the peppers, choose a pot that is at least 8 inches deep. Even 30 cm and more would be even better. With the width even 40 to 45 cm are necessary. However, this type of cultivation has a slight disadvantage. In most cases, the fruits do not grow as big as they would in the garden. However, this doesn’t change your taste and in the end that’s the most important thing or not? Furthermore, with the paprika you will also receive a colored addition on your balcony, so that you can benefit twice from this vegetable in the flower pot.

Tomatoes as a vegetable in a flower pot

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Neither does the taste of tomatoes change, regardless of whether they are grown in the garden or in flower pots. You can also repeat this every year, provided you always use new soil. Since there are different types and thus also sizes, it again depends on how big the flower pot should be. However, larger containers are definitely necessary for these vegetables to thrive in the flower pot than most other vegetables. Because even the small cherry tomatoes need a container that is at least 30 cm deep and even wider in diameter. Hanging flower pots are also very suitable for tomatoes. For large varieties, be sure to consider supports as well.

Vegetables in the flower pot – eggplant

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Unfortunately, the eggplant is often forgotten in all types of gardens. It is so delicious and a great ingredient for many different dishes. And not only that! They also have an interesting color and can make every garden or balcony more colorful. Nowadays there are also variants is white, green, red and yellow. So if you want to grow vegetables in the flower pot on the balcony, terrace or in the small garden, you should definitely consider the eggplant. And it doesn’t need too big a container because the plant won’t get very big. Choose a pot that is 30 cm deep and 40 to 45 cm wide. Then all that remains is to wait. You will be guaranteed success!

Vegetables in the flower pot – potatoes

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Oddly enough, as a vegetable in the flower pot, the potatoes are not as popular as one might expect. Maybe that’s because the container needs to be quite large. This should be about half the size of a wine barrel. Nevertheless, growing and especially harvesting potatoes in pots is a pleasant thing. And now special containers are also available for this purpose.

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Growing these vegetables in a flower pot is so practical because, on the one hand, you don’t have to dig. Instead, fill the container with soil to a certain height, then place the seed potatoes in it and add another layer of soil. In addition to the potatoes, you also get a pretty, green plant with flowers that decorate your balcony or terrace.

Summer pumpkin in the flower pot

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The summer squash is also perfect as a vegetable in the flower pot and can be cultivated. This is especially true for the more compact variants like the Pattison. Of course, it is also advantageous that small containers are sufficient. Only the diameter should be chosen a little wider and be at least 45 cm, whereby larger variants are all the better. If you tie the leaves upwards while they are growing, the harvest will be easier for you and you will not always have to look for pumpkins in all the greenery. We recommend varieties that grow like a bush for these vegetables in the flower pot. The climbing plants would still need a scaffolding, which you have to build accordingly.

French beans as a vegetable in a flower pot

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You should know that both types of green bean are perfectly suitable as a vegetable in the flower pot. However, the French bean is more recommended because the fully grown plants are more compact in size. Otherwise, you still need to provide suitable support. But even with the French beans, you still have enough variants to choose from. The flower pot can be nice and shallow (15 cm deep), but you should be more generous with the diameter.

Growing citrus plants in a flower pot

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Now digressing again from the actual topic of vegetables in the flower pot, we come to the citrus plants. These can be grown wonderfully in pots and planters, which is particularly advantageous in regions with cold winter. You can choose between oranges, lemons, limes and kumquats. These will not be as big as in a warm climate, but that is certainly not the priority. In addition, many dwarf varieties are offered nowadays, so that you will also find a suitable place on a small balcony next to the vegetables in the flower pot. The container should be at least 45 cm deep and wide for the normal-sized varieties. Depending on how big the plant will grow over time, a larger planter may be necessary later. Since the citrus plant should be stowed in a warmer place in winter, it would be an advantage if you place the pot on a base with wheels.

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