Plant protection in January; care in autumn


There is no doubt that every gardener wants his roses not to get powdery mildew or to be able to pick the apples from the tree flawlessly and without worms. Is it true? Here we can give you a few good tips for healthy plants and the Plant protection in January so that you have a rich harvest.

Plant protection in January – what else can you do in January?


For a successful one Plant protection in January are fruit mummies are to be removed. When the foliage has completely fallen off the fruit trees, moldy fruits are easy to see in the treetops. They must be removed, however, because various pathogens of the dangerous Monilia fungus hibernate in these fruit mummies. So that the mummies do not get a new fungal infection in the spring, they must now be completely picked. Throw them straight in the garbage can, not on the compost! And don’t forget, the fruit mummies don’t fall on their own, they need to be picked.

Plant protection in January – contaminated hazelnut bushes

Cut off infected-diseased-hazelnut-bushes

You can sometimes notice oversized, spherical buds on hazelnut bushes, they are infested with the hazelnut gall mite. These 0.2 mm large mites overwinter in the thickened buds, which then do not sprout in spring. Now you have to pluck off individual diseased buds, but cut off heavily infested branches and so you offer your plants a great one Plant protection in January at.

Some false cypresses die off


In many gardens, false cypress trees form the hedge and provide a safe privacy screen. However, it does happen that individual cypress trees turn brown and gradually die off. The causes for this can be the soil fungus Phytophtora cinnamomi. Brown, putrid spots in the wood and in the roots clearly show the symptoms of the disease. The diseased plants must be removed and the soil must be replaced before replanting because the fungus will survive in the soil. Yes, the fight against the pests is not that easy!

False cypress-sometimes-dies

Helpful tips for the plants in autumn

House in the North False Cypress Garden

Care in the garden in the fall


Caring for hazelnut tree