Plant care in case of fungal and pest infestation – what to do?

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Everything in your garden needs care and protection all year round in order to thrive properly. You probably want your roses to be beautiful and not get mildew, don’t you? Everyone wants to pick red, flawless apples straight from the tree. Here we want to give you a few tips on how to Plant care further help you get healthy plants and a rich harvest in your garden.

Plant care – the black spot disease in Christmas roses

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Are there black spots on the Christmas roses in the garden that spread inward from the edge of the leaf? Then your flowers need help! This is black spot disease and it is caused by a fungus. Check your Christmas roses for plant care regularly for infestation and remove the diseased leaves. It’s best to throw them in the organic waste bin. It is also important not to fertilize the Christmas roses too often!

Plant care – Black spot disease affects roses

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Planting a white Christmas rose in the garden

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Plant care – throw infested leaves in the organic waste bin

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Yes, that is absolutely correct! Diseased leaves that you notice while caring for your plants have to be put in the organic waste bin! Not only beetles and many beneficial organisms hibernate under the leaves. Fungal spores and other pests can also survive the winter there. So be careful! Fungal diseases or pests on leaves or needles should be completely defeated in autumn. This is the only way to protect your garden plants from new infestation.

Various plant diseases

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– The rose grate overwinters with black-brown spores on fallen leaves. So be careful with that!

– The leaf pest mahonia powdery mildew is dangerous! In this case, diseased shoots should be cut off and removed for plant care.

– The needles that have been attacked by the pine sawfly must be plucked and immediately destroyed.

– The fungal pathogen causing the tar spot disease on the maple hibernates in the fall foliage. This must be eliminated immediately when caring for the plants!

Whiteflies – serious pests on plants

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There are many small pests for our houseplants to look out for during planting care. These include white flies, fungus gnats, and other flying pests. The “Combi-Chopsticks Hortex”, for example, help against this. You simply put them in the potting soil, the active ingredients then get into the leaf via the roots and free the plant from the pests. It is also fertilized at the same time.

Juniper – A popular plant in the garden

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While caring for the plants, did you notice that your juniper and pears are ailing! Unfortunately that happens sometimes. In May, all the pear leaves are covered with shiny orange spots. The reason for this is the pear grate. This fungal disease also affects the juniper, because the spores survive on it in winter. The fungus does not move to the pear tree until spring.

Plant care for the pear tree

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Plants mushroom pear grate at juniper

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It attacks half of all juniper varieties and almost all pear varieties. The fungus weakens the trees tremendously. The typical orange spots of the pear grate on the leaves can be seen from a distance and easily recognized. On the other hand, preventive injections with approved agents help during and after the pear blossom every five days. But beware! Once the foliage is infested, it is too late to spray the plants!

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