Orchard maintenance in December – what needs to be done?

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As a passionate hobby gardener, of course you also have Orchard care in December, before it really freezes outside to do a lot. Now fruit trees are still being planted, trunks of trees in the garden being tended or apples being checked in the warehouse. If you want to get new fruit trees, you may only choose those that have a strong, straight trunk when buying. Your side shoots must be evenly spaced around the trunk.

Orchard care in December – stored apples

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In addition to the orchard maintenance, the ripe apples in the warehouse also have to be checked regularly in December. If cracks or other injuries appear on the apple peel, that is already a problem, because that means a good prerequisite for fungal diseases. Even in the fruit store, apples can be attacked by harmful fungi, so you should check the store regularly and remove rotting fruit. Throw the apples on the compost, this is a good environment for the pathogens, where they will survive!

Orchard maintenance in December – collect fallen fruit

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The rotting fruit must not be left on the ground for too long, as fungal spores and bacteria can spread easily. For proper orchard care, you should therefore regularly collect fallen fruits in December. You can of course use the healthy ones in the kitchen without any problems, damaged ones are better to be thrown on the compost.

Caring for currants in the orchard

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Every gardener wants a rich currant harvest in the next year. But what exactly do you have to do for it? Proper orchard care in December is of course also important for this. Usually, the bushes are only thinned out annually after the harvest, at the latest in autumn. Old main shoots are completely removed, the younger ones remain in full length. You can recognize them by their smooth bark. How to rejuvenate your currants!

Orchard care in December – The medlars

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These delicious fruits are not very popular in Germany. The medlar was a widespread type of fruit in the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that anymore. It’s actually a shame, because the spherical, 4 to 6 cm large fruits are a real treat. If you still have this type of fruit in your garden, it must also be included in the orchard maintenance in December. They need a few cold nights or a longer period of storage to mature. They become soft, taste tart, sweet and nutty. They contain a lot of minerals, vitamin C and pectin and thus contribute to your healthy eating.

Care for kiwis in December

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The kiwis can be left hanging on the bush as long as possible. This is how they develop their full aroma. Before the first sub-zero temperatures, however, when caring for the orchard in December, you should remember to harvest all the fruits, even if they are still hard. Place the kiwifruit in a single layer in boxes for storage and ripening. They can be kept like this for about ten weeks. Kiwis are ripe when the skin gives way when pressed lightly. The kiwis ripen quickly in a warmer room.

Orchard care in December – The trunks of the trees

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Another important orchard maintenance in December is waiting for every hobby gardener. He now has to look after the trunks of the fruit trees. Before liming the trunks of the fruit trees, you should carefully scrape off the loose bark. This removes pests that hibernate underneath. Then the trunk can be painted with a white paint. It prevents the bark from tearing open in the event of strong temperature fluctuations in winter.

Care of the vines in December

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Before the severe frosts set in, the best time to prune the vines for orchard care is in December. The new shoots are cut in half, older side shoots are cut shorter to two eyes. You can cut cuttings from the cut shoots. The cuttings should be 20 cm long and have three knots. With proper care, the cuttings will sprout their first leaves in May!

Plant trees in December

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Orchard with yellow plums

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