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Lasagna garden – what does that mean? You may not have heard of it by now. Yes, this is a new one e, interesting way to design your garden and to shape the garden beds. Lasagna gardening, however, is much easier than other gardening methods because it does not require digging or tilling. All you have to do is form cuttings on the ground and then plant them in the cuttings. You can do this in your flower garden as well as in the vegetable garden. As long as you get the properly proportioned cuttings, you can have a rich garden. Over time, the cuttings will run down, but you will have rich, fertile soil.

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What can you put in the offshoots? In the offshoots of the lasagna garden you will find things like clippings, dried leaves from the trees in autumn, straw, newspaper, cardboard or vegetable waste from the kitchen, coffee grounds, tea leaves and weeds. Here you can use everything that you would otherwise throw on the compost heap and everything that actually grows naturally. If you live near a forest or if you have a lot of grass along the way, you can even use it. If you are not a fan of green products, you might want to ask your neighbors to save the clippings from their farms for you.

Design a lasagna garden. First, create your lasagna garden in your mind, just as you imagine it. You will be with this Idea for garden design be completely satisfied. Make sure you create sidewalks between the beds. This will make it easier for you to remove the weeds and water the garden. You can put the cuttings directly on the ground or shape them with brick or wood. You can use tires too, although this type of gardening works best and easiest there when you have a larger container. You can form such beds on the edge of the grass at the top right or create other areas that are difficult to access. You can even try gravel if you want to convert that area into a garden.

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The structure of the offshoots. The first offshoot should be a layer of cardboard or newspaper. This prevents the grass or weeds from getting into the lasagna bed. Moisten this layer at the bottom so it will hold together better. The second offshoot should be on alternating layers of “brown” and “green” products. The brown items are things like dead leaves, straw, and newspapers. The green products are plants, weeds and compost items. You should put a brown layer and then a green layer until you reach the height you want the bed to be. The layers should be about two to three inches thick.

Benefits of the lasagna garden. The lasagna gardening is one of the easiest methods and the best Idea for garden design for all beginners. You can shape a bed almost anywhere, instantly. No digging or tillage is required so you don’t have to wait for someone to do it for you or sacrifice your time to do it yourself. You can plant immediately. Either way, you will have a rich garden. The brown layer will hold the moisture in the soil well. There should be fewer weeds growing because the first layer prevents weeds from growing. The garden is almost entirely compost, so you don’t need to add other fertilizers. Your soil will be rich and soft, making it very easy to work if you decide to go back to traditional gardening.

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The lasagna garden is a great one Idea for garden design especially for novice gardeners. It’s a simple method of gardening, both in planning and planting. Beds with lasagna gardening methods are very versatile when planting. In this way, natural materials can be used to enrich the soil and protect it from weeds at the same time. The lasagna garden is also a way to get rid of living and dead yard material.

And here is one last tip especially for you: Horse manure is ideal for lasagna gardening. It lies well between the green and brown layers and serves as compost itself. However, if you want to add horse manure to your lasagna garden, you can use it as an extra layer. We wish you a lot of fun and pleasant hours in your lasagna garden!

The first layer should be cardboard or newspaper

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