Important tips for modern garden design

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The plants are decisive for the appearance of the garden. Traditionally, the garden is divided into two – one area is planted with grass, and one area – with flowers. If the size of the garden allows, you can also plan attractive shrubs or fruit trees. The rich selection of plant species leaves the owner with many options to choose from. the modern garden design  is exciting and interesting.

Modern garden design is a joy


When arranging your garden, you should make an effort to choose the plants based on the climatic conditions. When landscaping, it is advisable to divide the plants into two – one group that needs direct sunlight and the other that prefers shade. Soil conditions and other location requirements also play an important role. The plants should not overgrow each other, so find out about their growth size.

Modern garden design – close to nature and cozy

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Think about how much free time you have for that modern garden design to have. If you do not have the time to choose many different types of plants, it is better to avoid the greater care required – shrubs generally require less food and create a cozy, familiar ambience.

Garden with bushes and flowers

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Protective roof protects your garden from bad weather. So put the similar plants in groups of the same kind so that the canopy makes sense. Build a strong, durable structure, preferably made of wood, and cover it with fabric. Before you plant the garden, you must plan for a house access, patio, and a seat. Slabs or steps made of natural stone add to the overall picture. Comfortable lounge chairs and a garden table, barbecue and other outdoor furniture will allow you to do that modern garden design to enjoy.


Green garden and modern outdoor furniture

Green garden outdoor furniture

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Design from the small garden

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