Herbs and scented plants in the garden – 24 design ideas

Herbs and fragrant plants fragrant flowers-angel's trumpet-lilac

Everyone dreams of a Mediterranean garden – the casual look relaxes the eyes, the pleasant scents make you dream of villas on exotic islands and conjure up a holiday feeling. But which herbs and scented plants really come into question and how they can be combined in a flower bed – we will show you 24 design ideas and flower bed combinations!

Herbs and fragrant plants in the garden – careful planning and flower combinations are an absolute must

Herbs and fragrant plants, water lily and lavender ground cover

A beautiful garden is not only perceived with the eyes – a pleasant scent is inviting and makes being outdoors even more pleasant. In addition, scented flowers such as the rose and the Madonna lily can attract birds and butterflies. Thyme, mint, and lavender can keep mosquitos and wasps away. Careful planning is necessary to ensure that the outside area is really pleasant. Fragrances that are too strong are not recommended, the experts advise against them. It is better if plants that are used during the day are combined with plants that give off scents in the evening. A successful example is to combine sage / thyme with honeysuckle. Lavender can be planted around the garden path – the pleasant scent is released even in light winds. Flowers like climbing rose, peony and angel’s trumpet can surround the terrace. Lilac is the best choice for large gardens.

Conclusion – Three criteria play a role for the selection of herbs and scented plants in the garden – when they scatter the scents / during the day or in the evening / what is this scent and the location / sun, partial shade, shade /.

Herbs and fragrant plants in the garden – create a beautiful flower bed

Herbs and Fragrant Plants Attract Butterflies Ideas

A beautiful flowerbed conveys a harmonious picture – the combination of perennials, flowers and fragrant plants is particularly fascinating with a natural look. A clay pot or a garden fountain can be placed as an eye-catcher. If you have a little experience, you can plant spring and summer flowers side by side – this guarantees a splendid bloom!

Peonies and climbing roses quickly become eye-catchers – but be careful, their scent attracts wasps

Herbal fragrant plants terrace climbing roses

Lilacs on the edge of the garden – the plant spreads a pleasant scent all over the garden

Herbal fragrant plants-lavender-thyme-hedge plants

 Rosebush offers privacy and attracts the bird world

Herbal fragrant plants-rose-shrub terrace

Large Mediterranean style garden with lavender


Lavender on the edge of the garden in combination with hedge plants and perennial shrubs


Herbal fragrant plants, roses, garden paths, lavender lilies

Herbal fragrant plants, gravel, lilac greenhouse

Herbs and Fragrant Plants Garden Path Lavender Ideas


Herbal fragrances-vinegar-rose-lavender

Create herbs-fragrant-plants-ideas

Herbal-scented plants-flameblood-planter-hanging window

Herbal fragrant plants-thyme-salbia-camomile-roses

Herbal fragrant plants-white-hyacinth-lavender-roses

Herbal fragrant plants garden design ideas

Herbal-fragrant plants-lavender-Mediterranean-garden-design

Herbal fragrant plants-lavender-poppy-roses

Herbal fragrant plants-lavender-rose-rosemary

Herbal fragrant plants-lavender-rosemary-camomile-lilac

Herbal-fragrant plants-lavender-rosemary-thyme-flowerbed

Herbal fragrant plants-thyme-myrtle-citrus tree