Growing garlic – a plant that is easy to care for


Popular all over the world, garlic is an irreplaceable spice in every kitchen. In addition, it is easy to care for and you can easily grow it yourself, whether at home on the windowsill, on the balcony or in the garden. So that you are successful garlic plant but you still have to take a few things into account.

Growing garlic – growing an easy-care plant on the balcony


The garlic is hardy on the one hand and needs a sunny and not too humid place on the other hand. For growing on the balcony, it is best to place the planters on the wall of the house. When preparing the soil, it can be helpful to put a layer of gravel or stones on the bottom of the pot or box. This means that the excess water flows away more easily and does not build up in the lower area.

Growing garlic – pay attention to the right type of garlic


It is striking that most of the varieties that can be found in supermarkets only come from warmer countries and are therefore not suitable for your own breeding. So choose a local variety of garlic. Suitable varieties are: Ajo Rojo, Bogatyr, Karpaten, Creole Red, German Red, Inchelium Red, Marble purple stripes, Polish white, purple stripes, Siberian, Silver Rose, Spanish Roja.

Grow garlic in autumn or spring


If you still want to grow garlic in spring, you should start in February. Growing in the bed can protect the plants from frost during the colder months, although that doesn’t really matter to you. During a colder winter, gardeners protect the growing cloves of garlic by spreading straw, mulch, or sticks on top. Traditionally, farmers grow the plants on the shortest day of the year. The garlic can be harvested after 9 months. It needs a lot of sunlight during this time.

A suitable soil would be loose and nutrient-rich. The humus can also be mixed a little with sand or with self-made compost.

The planting: Separate the cloves from the whole head of garlic. Place them one at a time in the ground so that they sink about 4 inches into the ground. The tip should point upwards. The distance to the next toe should be at least 10 centimeters. However, if you want to grow larger varieties of garlic, the cloves need to be tucked a little further apart. Water your toes afterwards, being careful not to let the soil get too damp.

Place your toes in the loose earth


Plant the individual cloves of the garlic


Grow garlic and then cover with soil and mulch


Grow garlic and let the plants grow


The young garlic


 The garlic can be harvested after 9 months


Use dried as a spice in cooking