Ground cover for shade: that grows well under bushes and hedges!

Tall trees look beautiful, but their roots grow through the soil and leave neither nutrients nor water for plant partners. So that the hedge does not look boring and the rose bush is properly staged, ground cover for shade can be used as underplanting. In the following we explain to you which perennials are suitable and what you should consider when planting.

Ground cover under hedge: These plants are good for light shade

Ground cover under hedge plants Ideas for light shade

The hedge plants provide privacy for the garden and shield the playground, the pool or the cozy seating area from prying eyes. When the hedge plants are tall enough, they also cast a cooling shade. But the experts warn: the rhododendron, thuja and cherry laurel are alien plants that were imported from other continents. All three species provide no food for insects and birds and displace native garden and wild plants. The cherry laurel is also poisonous and unsuitable for families with small children or pets. Fortunately, there are alternatives that we will list for you below. We also explain which ground cover plants do particularly well under the hedge.

Ground cover for shade under rhododendrons / blackberries

Ground cover for shade Byzantine woolen ziest in front of rhododendron or blackberry planting

The rhododendron is popular with amateur gardeners because of its rapid growth and easy maintenance. It can be perfectly replaced by an evergreen blackberry variety. The variety “Oregon Thornless” keeps its leaves in the winter months and only sheds them in spring. This variety of blackberry has no thorns and bears delicious fruits that provide food for humans, birds, and insects. And these ground cover for shade thrive just fine underneath:

  • The Byzantine Wollziest is a very sturdy, flat-growing plant that grows to a maximum of 40 cm high. The ground cover forms purple panicle-shaped flowers in July. The Wollziest is evergreen and feels particularly comfortable in a moderately dry and nutrient-poor soil.
  • The lungwort is an important source of food for insects and birds. The plant has no special requirements in terms of location and soil. It easily defies both partial shade and shade, but prefers a nutrient-rich soil. Provide them with slow release fertilizer at the start of the gardening season.

evergreen ground cover for shade under hedge plant lungwort

  • The plants of the genus Ysander, Perennial shrubs are perennial shrubs to which the fat man also belongs. Its flowers have a light fragrance. A location in the shade or partial shade and a moderately moist to dry soil prove to be optimal. The Ysander ground cover can easily tolerate root competition, but need regular fertilization that will promote their growth.
  • The elven flower is popular among hobby gardeners because of the filigree flowers it forms in spring. It is perfect as a plant partner to the rhododendron, because it loosens up the strict geometric shapes of the rhododendron with its bright yellow, delicate pink or fiery red flowers. In terms of planting and location, the flower feels particularly comfortable in the shade of the tall hedge plant.

What ground cover to plant under thuja / hawthorn?

What ground cover under thuja or hawthorn plant Virginia three-masted flower

Thuja plants look very attractive, but are poisonous and dangerous to pets, birds, insects and young children. The single hawthorn offers an environmentally friendly alternative. The plant tolerates pruning and is winter-proof, but not evergreen. With proper care, it will thank you with wonderfully fragrant white flowers that lure butterflies and bees into the garden. These ground covers are the perfect planting partners:

  • The Waldsteinie Thrives best in the shade and needs loose soil with a high proportion of humus. With its yellow flowers, it makes even the dark areas under the hedge shine. Thus the Waldsteinie is one of the few flowering perennials for deep shade. The ground cover spreads flat and reaches a maximum height of 15 cm.

Which ground cover for light shade under bushes Small evergreen

  • The little evergreen is a real eye-catcher in the outdoor area. The ground cover spreads quickly and is therefore suitable for greening large areas. Its long flowering time, its robustness and its adaptability make the small periwinkle one of the most popular ground cover plants for the home garden.
  • The three-masted Virginia flower comes from South America. In contrast to other exotic species, however, it is winterproof and can withstand frost and strong winds. As far as the location is concerned, it has precise requirements: it should be in light shade or in partial shade. A moderately moist soil with a high proportion of humus offers the best conditions for rapid growth and a long flowering period.

Ground cover for shade: what to plant under cherry laurel / yew?

Ground cover for shade what to plant under cherry laurel or yew hedge

The perfect alternative to the poisonous cherry laurel is the yew tree. An easy-care, hardy and evergreen hedge plant that provides privacy all year round. These ground covers thrive under a hedge:

  • A hardy hosta is the perfect companion for hedge plants. In order for it to survive the winter, however, it needs a location in partial shade where it can get a bit of afternoon sun.
  • The little star umbel is a magnificently blooming ground cover with a maximum height of 40 cm. The high humidity and the nutrient-rich soil are important prerequisites for their growth. Therefore, the plant is more suitable for the edge of the wood, where there is no competition for roots.
  • The golden nettle is a popular addition to the nature garden. If it feels comfortable in its location, it can grow to a height of 60 cm. In contrast to the funkie and star umbel, the golden nettle thrives best in the shade and is therefore perfect for the shadow area under a cherry laurel hedge.

Ground cover for shade that thrives under bushes

Ground cover under rose bush what to plant ideas

It doesn’t necessarily have to be hedge plants: lush bushes also provide privacy in spring and summer. The roses or the hydrangeas are particularly attractive because they also ensure blooming. We’ll tell you now which ground cover grows well under a shrub.

What ground cover to plant under roses?

What ground cover plants for shade under roses dainty lady's mantle

  • The petite lady’s mantle  feels comfortable in full sun as well as in partial shade. An important prerequisite for its rapid growth is the fresh, nutrient-rich soil with a high proportion of clay.
  • The cranesbill is a robust plant that blooms profusely from May until the first frost. In the garden center you can find a large selection of varieties that are ideal as companions to roses.
  • The wild strawberry spreads quickly in the home garden. In spring it forms white flowers, in summer it bears delicious fruit. Hence the plant is a magnet for pollinator insects.
  • The real lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a low plant with clumpy growth and evergreen foliage.

What ground cover to plant under hydrangeas?

What ground cover to plant for shade under hydrangeas

  • The carpet thyme prefers poor soil and does best in the sun. Therefore, it is suitable as a wood border.
  • Carpet phlox feels good in the blazing sun as well as in partial shade and is therefore the perfect partner for the hydrangea. It can tolerate root competition and spreads quickly.