Grave design ideas for every season and holiday


The grave needs regular maintenance. It really is no secret. Depending on the time of year or the holidays, you can not only use different seasonal flowers, but also other decorations that are appropriately chosen. And since this, like gardening, is not an easy thing, but should be perfect in the form of a resting place, we would like to provide you with a few tips and Grave design ideas that can also serve as inspiration.

Grave design ideas – urn grave


The urn graves can also be nicely planted and decorated. The difference is that there is less space. You have the possibility to set up different figures, to plant smaller flowers and to decorate with stones. We have also put together some grave design ideas for this variant of the grave.

Grave design ideas for spring


It is certainly not difficult to come up with great grave design ideas for spring. Spring flowers are of course a great idea. Plant the grave with some kind of flower or create a colorful mix of colors. Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and crocuses are just a small selection. Pansies and horned violets are also very popular and well suited for grave planting.

Plant spring flowers every year


You can easily pull the bulbs of the spring flowers out of the ground after they have bloomed and the leaves have wilted. If they are then kept in a dry and cool place, they can easily be replanted the following year. You can simply change the annual flowers at any time of the year.



In principle, ideas for grave design that you also use for the house are suitable for Easter. Decorate with Easter eggs, Easter figures such as rabbits or chicks and design pretty Easter wreaths that you place on the grave. You can even design an Easter bouquet! But be careful. that the whole thing doesn’t get too cheesy. Use decorations in moderation.


grave-design-ideas-hard-working-lies-pink-tombstone-of course

When the time of spring flowers is over, you can replace the withered flowers with seasonal flowers as grave design ideas for the summer. Especially if the grave is in the sun or gets little shade during the day, it is important to choose flowers that can cope with dry periods. Marguerites, geraniums, begonias, the hard-working Lieschen and fuchsias are suitable. They add color to the grave without making it look unnatural.

Ground cover and decorations


With these grave design ideas you again have the opportunity to combine several types with each other. Incidentally, ground covers are great fillers and can easily be used to cover the entire grave. They are also popular as frames. Decorations can be colored, but not too motley. Tea lights, decorative stones, and garden decorations work well.


ideas-grave-design-wood-flower-pot-grave-heart-natural stone

The autumn time is also suitable for planting various flowers and plants. As grave design ideas with flowers and plants include succulents, echeveria or the cyclamen. Grasses look elegant and create a pleasant texture among the other plants. The advantage of these species is that you can still get along well with an initial frost.

Typical grave design


Most often, chrysanthemums are used as grave design ideas in the fall. Then there are Erika and the silver leaf. Their colors match the warm colors that are typical of autumn and come out through the foliage and various berries and other fruits.

Decorate grave

grave design ideas lanterns-flowers-teddy-pansies-daisies-white

Aside from flowers and plants, there are also other grave design ideas. The lanterns, which can replace the lanterns at this time of year, are very suitable. Pumpkins, but also arrangements with apples, are ideal for creating an autumnal grave.


ideas-grave-design-grave-planting-ground cover-green-vases-bouquet-evergreens

Few plants have a decorative effect in winter. Because of this, you can now provide winter cover and other grave design ideas into consideration. This should be added from around the second half of November. Fir green and branches of other conifers are well suited for this purpose. The Nordmann fir, the blue spruce, the noble fir, the juniper or the pseudo cypress are particularly popular. These are also great for designing covers with patterns.


grave design ideas gravel-white-bed-accent-ground cover

Evergreen plants like ivy, coton seedlings, barnuts, and partridge berries are another variety that you can use as grave design ideas. These ensure that the grave is beautifully green even in winter and do not require any special care at this time of year, as they are in the dormant phase.



Christmas is another occasion when you want to collect some grave design ideas. Apart from lanterns with candles, which are also suitable during the rest of the year, and Christmas figures such as angels, you have many options for decoration here.

Decorative ideas


Small fir trees, which can also be artificial, are not infrequently part of the grave design ideas and can also be decorated with Christmas tree decorations. Wreaths or arrangements made from coniferous branches look particularly good. An Advent wreath is just one example.

Arrangements for the grave


The Christmas arrangements as grave design ideas can be made from different materials or you can design them yourself. Fir and coniferous green are very suitable, but also reindeer moss and of course the likeable cones of various conifers. Flower pots with Christmas roses are also a nice accent.



Gravel is a handy alternative to our grave design ideas when you don’t have time to tidy the grave, tend the plants, and pull the weeds on a regular basis. If you put a foil underneath, you can prevent weeds completely. The result is a grave that always looks tidy and well-groomed.

Design ideas


Since there is gravel in a wide variety of colors, you also have many grave design ideas available here. You can decorate the degree in one color or create patterns with different stone colors. Even colored gravel is offered, making it a great substitute for flowering plants.

Vases and artificial flowers

ideas-grave-design-metal-plant-pots-pansy-purple-easter bells

The good old vases are also great grave design ideas. You can change them again and again depending on the season, season or festival and also decorate them with both fresh and artificial flowers.

Flower pots

grave design ideas urn grave-stone-lanterns-black-white-decoration-heart-flower pot

You can also decorate the grave with flower pots. They make a great decoration in themselves, but with a few pretty flowers they become even more attractive. There are models made of stone especially for grave design ideas, which can also have an original shape, such as a heart shape in this example.