Gardening in December – What else can you do in the vegetable garden?

gardening in december snow pergola

It’s already December and the pre-Christmas season has started! The low temperatures outside make us think of cookies and mulled wine next to the fireplace! Yes, the anticipation for Christmas is great, but now there is still some work to be done in the garden! We have the best insider tips for you on what to do in the garden at the right time. These are mostly little things that will turn your garden into a paradise in spring. We hope that these little tips from us will make you an excellent one Gardening in December with the anticipation of the coming Christmas in harmony!

Gardening in December – protect the roots with a layer of mulch


– Trees and shrubs in your garden need to be cut in December and bamboo is being prepared for winter. Also protect the rhododendrons with a layer of mulch.

Gardening in December – Building a raised bed


– December is the best time to have a look Raised bed in the garden to build up.

covered with fleece or leaves


– Vegetables that are still on the bed should be protected with fleece or leaves will. Leaves, Brussels sprouts and kale can be harvested in frost-free periods until the end of January. Lamb’s lettuce and spinach can easily overwinter under this protective layer in the vegetable patch or in the raised bed.

Protective layer of straw

gardening in december raised bed-vegetables-straw-protect-winter

– In mild areas, Brussels sprouts can be harvested fresh from the bed until January. A little frost doesn’t harm the cabbage, on the contrary, it ensures that the florets get the right aroma. The sub-zero temperature increases the sugar content in these vegetables. In colder areas, however, it is advisable to protect the Brussels sprouts from the frost outside with fleece.


gardening december sprouts window sill salads

– The first, very fresh shoots of vegetable plants appear in December. This is called Sprouts. Especially now in winter they provide important vitamins and minerals. You can bring the sprouts in and place them on a window sill that is not sunny. You need to moisten them a couple of times, at around 20 degrees heat at home they will continue to germinate and thrive. You can make good use of these when cooking.

Harvest root vegetables

gardening december root vegetables harvest

– It gets cold everywhere in December, so it’s time to remove frost-sensitive root vegetable varieties from the ground. This is especially true for celeriac, carrot and beetroot.

Harvest the root vegetables best in dry weather. Then the work will be easier for you than on wet ground. Only healthy vegetables are used for storage, otherwise it is easy to carry diseases into winter storage.

– It is best to put beets and tubers in boxes with damp sand, then put them in a cool place. The ideal place would be a dark cellar with room temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius and a humidity of around eighty percent, if you had one of course.