Garden maintenance tips – start the gardening season with enthusiasm!

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Today I spent some time outside in the garden. I have to say it right away, it wasn’t that boring after all. After all, there is a lot of gardening and that makes the garden all the more beautiful, doesn’t it ?! We have a couple to go with it Garden maintenance tips prepared for you. Spring is here now and this is the best time to start over in your outdoor space. What can you do outside, you might ask yourself? Yes, now you can weed the weeds, remove dead leaves and trim garden plants. All of this has a very therapeutic effect. Think of it this way: you are officially closing the door of winter and opening your life to new possibilities this spring. Here are a few garden maintenance tips that will help you put your garden in perfect order and design it so that you can enjoy the new season to the fullest!

Garden Maintenance Tips – Be Motivated!

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The first very important condition and one of our gardening tips for gardening is that you need to be well motivated! Do you find what motivates you more – tackling exciting projects or looking after and observing the growing garden plants? I find it particularly interesting to buy some new plants and plant them in my garden. That motivates me for more gardening activities and gives my everyday life a real meaning.

Garden maintenance tips – add colors with brightly colored flowers

garden care tips shrub flower pot idea

Sometimes you have a DIY project to do in the garden, like this one. It is a beautiful and modern plant container. I repainted this last month and now it’s ready for the spring season! This is a possibility that we definitely want to mention in our tips on garden care, because it allows you to spice up the garden cheaply and according to your taste.

Maintain the garden and spice it up with colored flower pots

care garden tips flower pot paint light blue shrub blossoms red

Would you like more tips on garden maintenance? No problem! Once you have beautiful new greenery and want to enjoy it, you can update the rest of the yard to match the beauty of your new plant! In the next photo you can find my newest addition to the yard. It is a gray pot with blooming Ixora and “Silver Falls” dichondra, also known as the silver pony foot.

Planting the garden – Loropetalum with pink flowers

care garden tips shrub blossoms purple plants idea

This winter I also bought some new chairs for my outdoor dining table, so I am highly motivated to make the garden really beautiful. Now it is a little easier for me to pull the weeds and tidy up the garden paths, because when I work in the garden I always imagine something beautiful that awaits me. And that is also one of our garden maintenance tips for you! Imagine relaxing evenings outdoors, tasty food, good wine and a cool breeze that soothes the atmosphere after the hot summer day.

Garden maintenance tips – clean the path

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It is no accident that the headings in today’s garden care tips article can be interpreted ambiguously. But here we mean it very specifically: cleaning the garden paths means removing the old leaves. In most cases this means a lot of work, so at least choose a good sunny day for it! It will really be a good new beginning and a nice start to the new season!

Garden maintenance – garden path after sweeping the leaves

tips for garden care design garden path idea stone pebble

Yes, I combined white pebbles with gray pebbles for my garden path and tried to freshen up the look outside and spice it up a bit. Some people think it’s boring, but I kind of like it. One of our garden maintenance tips is to design the garden the way you like it best. I spend so much time in front of the computer, that’s why I think it’s really nice to get my hands dirty now outdoors! And you?

Plant new plants when caring for the garden

garden care tips rake away pebbles leaves

No, I didn’t do an excellent job with my garden path, I know! But life is just such that we have to accept some imperfections and simply admit that we cannot control everything. Have fun implementing our tips on garden maintenance!

Garden and terrace before sweeping the leaves

tips for garden care foliage rake spring winter trellis

After care in the garden

garden care tips plant flower pot trellis stone tiles

Tips for garden maintenance, terrace cleaning, planting pots of flowers

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tips for garden care foliage terrace spring plant pot

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Tips for garden care ferns flower pot gray design

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