Garden design – 19 useful tips for the perfect garden design

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Make your garden look modern and exciting. The perfect Garden design can be easily reached quickly with a few useful tips. First, you should divide the larger space into smaller areas. For example, you can mark the individual areas on the meadow with flower beds as a kind of colorful borders that are sure to convey a happy feeling in your garden.

Garden design – draw attention with striking details

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So that your Garden design looks exciting and creative, use lawn tape and convey a feeling of happiness. Plus, you get an adventurous feeling as if you are on a journey of discovery – you never know what you will find out.

Garden design – change the structure from time to time

useful tips for the garden design edge

The structure and the content are particularly important to the Garden design. The consistency of the plant species gives a sense of perfection. However, you should be careful not to overplant one type of plant in the garden so that the design does not become boring. The smooth river stones create a beautiful contrast and serve as a fabulous decoration.

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Make the garden borders interesting and exciting

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The clearly defined edges give your garden a clean and fresh look. But be creative and add design elements Garden design. Using stones, make a clear boundary between the lawn and the plants that will look like running water.

Art elements for the garden

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Use creative and interesting ideas to add a bit of art to your garden. Either a sphere with mosaic and glass particles or other creative elements, use every opportunity to create your own Garden design to make it striking and original.

Get moving

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The decorative grass is the perfect plant if you want to create movement in your garden. No matter what type of lawn you choose – mild with arched leaves or a prairie grass with pointed leaves – this original idea will create more movement in the garden.

Put the plants together correctly

useful tips for garden design flower

Put together a stunning garden when you combine interesting plant species. Look for striking colors or contrasts in the structure. The picture shows a very successful combination between purple plant blossoms and golden moss. Both plants are cleverly emphasized by the red sedum plant.

Use the found objects

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Make yours Garden design unique in that you use objects found on the street as decorations. Various lost objects, such as rubber bands, pieces of fence or pieces of steel, can be used. These found objects can serve as sculptures or path decorations.

Mix together edible plants

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Her Garden design is said to take advantage of the beauty of edible plants. Feel free to integrate this into your garden landscape. The different types of salad are particularly attractive and not only have a good taste, but are also a wonderful and delicious garden decoration.

Add individuality to the garden

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What you shouldn’t forget when designing your garden is that the garden should match your personality. Therefore try to include your favorite elements in the garden. This not only applies to certain objects, but also to some types of plants and color combinations.

Don’t stick to the rule

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Take the Garden design not too serious. Have fun doing it, and feel free to break the rule. The tallest plants shouldn’t always be in the background. Put some of these on the front line to freshen up the area.

The view from the window

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Even the most passionate gardeners don’t spend all of their time away from home. Therefore, always take into account that you will also be able to observe your garden from inside the house.

Interesting plant species

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Include such plants in your garden that are being watched up close. For example, the beauty of begonia lies in its small patterns that can only be seen up close.

Be amazed by the colors

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The beautiful pink meadow rue in the picture looks particularly beautiful only under itself, but quickly becomes the most wonderful plant when placed in front of a blue fence. Consider how a plant will look mixed with other species.

Make use of plant containers

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The containers for garden plants are an excellent idea if you always want to rearrange the plants and recreate colored spots. Go a step further by matching the containers with the color of the flowers.

Don’t forget colorful leaves

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The contrasting colors of the leaves can sometimes be even more impressive than the flowers. Some plants have beautiful leaves in blue-gray shades, as well as purple-colored patterns, as shown in the picture. Do not miss the opportunity to use this original idea.

Plants that are easy to care for

easy maintenance of useful tips for garden design

A beautiful Garden design can be very impressive. But don’t forget to take care of it. So that you don’t have any problems in this area, choose plant species that are easy to care for and adaptable.

Pay attention to the shapes

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While many gardeners focus on the color of the plants, don’t forget to pay attention to the shapes. Use different shapes to emphasize the advantages of your garden.

Treat yourself to a place of relaxation

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Make sure that you will have the opportunity to relax in your garden – just sit down and enjoy the beautiful landscape.