Fight weeds in the lawn – 5 tips for effective removal

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In the spring, it’s time to get the tools from the gazebo and start gardening. But hardly any other task is as annoying as lawn care – we give you 5 helpful tips on how to do it Weeds in the lawn fight in time and save yourself a lot of effort.

1. Eliminate weeds in the lawn – weeding in the spring

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Winter is over, the weather is warm again and after the first rain in spring the problem can already be recognized – Weeds in the lawn! Now is the right time to weed – when the ground is wet, weeding is a lot easier and you can get rid of the weeds in good time.

2. Eliminate weeds in the lawn – cut off the flowers and dig up the roots

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If you find those pesky weeds in the lawn again the next weekend, it means that roots have remained in the ground. It’s worth taking the time to dig up the remaining roots. If you don’t really have enough free time, you can at least cut off the flowers of the weeds – this will prevent them from spreading further in the garden.

3. Mulch against weeds – that helps!

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Mulch is a helpful natural remedy against Weeds in the lawn. You can buy mulch or make it yourself from leaves. An approx. 1 cm thick layer of mulch protects the plants from freezing in autumn. Even in spring and summer, the lawn can be covered with a much thinner layer of mulch – this helps to control the weeds. In this case, you should seek advice from the local garden center.

4. Good garden planning helps eliminate weeds

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We were also surprised by this fact, but this simple method obviously works – if you plant flowers and plants close to the edge of the lawn, you don’t leave any free space for weeds in the garden and can therefore save yourself a lot of gardening.

5. Inhibition of weed growth in the garden

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The weeds grow very quickly and if you don’t react in time, they can quickly spread not only in the lawn but throughout the garden. To prevent this from happening, you should clean the garden tools thoroughly after each use and of course protect the garden path and lawn edge from weeds.

Enjoy the summer in the garden – remove the weeds in the spring

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Fight weeds in the lawn – plant flowers at the edge of the lawn

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Protect the garden path from weeds

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Mulch helps against weeds

Flowerbeds trees perennials protect lawn edge weeds

A densely planted garden does not leave any free space for weeds

Ideas to make lawn edge mulch against weeds yourself

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Create a garden path. Plant the edge of the lawn densely. Spring care

Protect flower beds against weeds without chemicals

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These remedies help weed control tips tricks

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