Evergreen ground cover for easy-care garden design

Evergreen ground cover creeping-guensel-ajuga

Evergreen ground cover are a good alternative if you want to make your garden easy to care for. The ground cover also has the advantage of preventing weeds and greening steep slopes. Most of the ground cover are evergreen and delight us with colorful flowers in spring or summer. In today’s article, however, we’re going to introduce you to some of the most popular immigrant ground cover plants that grow quickly and also require very little maintenance.

Evergreen ground cover that requires very little maintenance

Evergreen ground cover creeping juniper gravel bed

The Japanese creeping juniper is very popular as a ground cover because it is hardy, hard-wearing and robust. Juniperus procumbens Nana is its botanical name. It is often used in raised beds and in Japanese rock gardens. As a disadvantage, it should be mentioned that the creeping juniper belongs to the slowly growing ground cover.

Evergreen ground cover for every garden situation


– The evergreen creeper (Euonymus fortunei) is available in many variegated and green-leaved varieties and is also popular as a ground cover in the garden. The two-tone variety Emerald n Gold is particularly attractive with its small, golden-yellow-edged leaves.

– Ivy is a fast growing, hardy ground cover. It is very undemanding, vigorous and is perfect for undergrowth.

– The hazel root enchants with its kidney-shaped, shiny leaves. The native wild perennial is suitable for shady locations.

– The fat man (Pachysandra terminalis) forms dense natural carpets under trees and is considered undemanding.

– The small-leaved evergreen is an undemanding ground cover that feels good everywhere – in a sunny and shady location. The periwinkle blooms in purple from May to September.

– The crawfish is a classic, evergreen ground cover that is also used as a hedge in many gardens. Very easy to care for, robust and with a very dense growth.


Evergreen-ground cover-cotoneaster

Dickman and Funkia

Evergreen ground cover schatten-dickmaennchen-pachysandra

Hazel root and boxwood balls

evergreen-ground cover-hazel-root-boxwood-balls

Creeping Juniper Blue Star

evergreen-ground cover-woody-creeping juniper-blue-star-japan garden

Ivy is popular as a climbing plant and ground cover


Dickmännchen is suitable for larger areas

evergreen-ground cover-dickmaennchen-underplanting-woody

Star jasmine Trachelospermum asiaticum

Evergreen ground cover star jasmine Trachelospermum asiaticum

Shallon shamrock

evergreen ground cover shallon shamberry





evergreen ground cover creeper variety



evergreen ground cover Juniperus Taxifolia creeping juniper

evergreen-ground cover-hazel-root-fern-shade



evergreen-groundcover-Vinca-hardy-fast growing