Design ideas for the house entrance – decorate with flowers and bushes

Garden flowers bushes grass house

A house entrance is the building’s calling card. Imagine you are driving past a renowned city district. The first thing that impresses you is them Design ideas for house entrances. Many flowers and shrubs set accents and provide privacy for the outdoor area. Let these examples inspire you!

Design ideas for house entrances – flower beds and pebble path

Flowers bushes purple yellow

Photo: Van de Voorde

Who after Design ideas for house entrances looking for, can opt for a country-style garden. A pebble path can lead to the front door, and colorful flower beds can be decorative. The landscaping of houses on slopes presents particular difficulties. In this case, flowers and plants of different heights should be selected. The tallest plants should be at the very front – this visually reduces the slope and the terrain appears flat. Tall grass makes the garden path appear natural and compliments the overall look.

Design ideas for house entrances with evergreen plants

Holzhaus Kieselweg glass facade modern

Photo Margie Grace

Who is for Design ideas for house entrances deciding with evergreen plants ensures that your garden will look fresh and inviting all year round. It is very important to choose local plants and trees that can withstand the specific conditions in winter. Optionally, flower pots and planters can of course be placed as decoration, in any case they need a garden shed / glass house where they can be stored in winter. The garden path also plays a major role. Modern gardens with evergreen plants will benefit from the concrete and pebble garden path. It creates a visual connection between the architecture and the garden. The stylistic coordination between the house and the garden is an absolute must, by the way. Minimalist houses can be complemented by a rock garden, while wooden houses can be combined well with a colorful Monet-style garden.

Create a garden path

Steinweg moss terraces design retaining wall

Photo: left Ami Saunders, right Johnsen Landscape

Garden on the hillside

Garden stairwell evergreen plants

Photo Jeffrey Gordon Smith

Trees and tall bushes offer privacy

Fence recliner lawn trees

Photo Johnsen Landscape

Garden design with evergreen plants

Evergreen plants form the entrance

Photo Ecocentrix

River stones as decoration in front of the house entrance

Summer flowers water grass

Photo Billy Goodnick

Traditional style garden

evergreen plants garden path lawn house traditional

Photo: Elements Landscape