Creative garden idea – plant flowers attractively and create illusions


The warmer the days, the more time we spend in the garden and have a lot of gardening work. And what could be more beautiful than a colorful kingdom of flowers. And if you have the Plant flowers attractively, then you don’t need expensive garden figurines from the market. We’ve already shown you some nice garden ideas with old items, but these ones have an even bigger impact. Flowers poured out of an old clay pot, bucket or wine barrel. Such embellishment does not require any special expertise.

Plant flowers attractively and create interesting effects

garden idea flowers attractive plant white flowers pour out

Buy an old wine barrel from the flea market or use an old metal bucket. Then tilt it to one side and put floor around the back and sides so it stays in place. Then put potting soil in and outside in a flowing shape.

Plant flowers attractively and beautify the garden

garden idea flowers plant ceramic flower pot tilted

If you have the Plant flowers attractively then choose a variety but in different bright colors. When the flowers show their bloom, they will create a beautiful illusion as if they were poured out of the barrel.

different types of flowers

garden idea flowers plant decorative way

beautiful petunias and stone fountains

garden idea flowers plants decoration pour out effect

Pouring out flowers from a clay pot

garden idea flowers plant attractive pour out optical illusion

blooming car trailer

garden idea flowers plant old car trailer blooming

garden idea plant flowers pour out old wine barrel

cheerful daisies

garden idea flowers attractive plants pouring effect

tilted wine barrels

Wine barrel garden decoration tipped idea

Teapot and metal bucket

garden idea flowers plants illusion teapot pour out metal bucket

white petunias

flower planting idea pour out effect flower pot

fill old boat with flowers

garden idea flowers plant attractive old boat hanging plants

Old wooden wheelbarrow and flowers of different colors

garden idea flowers attractive plants old wheelbarrow blooming hill

garden idea flowers plant illusion pour out clay pot

garden decoration old wine barrel wood flowers plants effects

decorative garden idea flowers plants bouquet