Building and laying out a greenhouse in the garden – what you need to consider

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A Greenhouse in the garden / or in a mini version on the balcony / brings all hobby gardeners many advantages – on the one hand, the cold-sensitive plants can be overwintered there, on the other hand you can also create a vegetable garden and enjoy fresh vegetables for longer. Spring is the right time to build and lay out the greenhouse.

Greenhouse in the garden – the choice of location

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A Greenhouse in the garden is basically easy to set up. The most important thing is to choose the right location. It is advisable to set up the greenhouse in close proximity to the house – maybe even to mount it on the southern outer wall. This ensures that you have electricity and water connections / install a separate water tap with its own water meter for the garden, so you save on costs /. But take care that the house facade does not cast shadows on the glass house.

Building a greenhouse in the garden – what construction?

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The second step is very simple – the building structure should be selected. Here you can choose between a wood and aluminum construction. The durable Plexiglas panels are a practical and inexpensive alternative to the easily breakable glass panes. It doesn’t really matter whether the construction is with a pitched or flat roof – it is only important that you plan in several windows. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, it stays in Greenhouse in the garden Warm in winter, but can get very hot inside in summer. Installing windows can solve the problem. Numerous manufacturers offer prefabricated constructions which then simply have to be assembled on site. In any case, you should build a floor by yourself. The selected floor covering should protect the plants from frost, so stone, concrete or wood are perfect for it.

Create a greenhouse in the garden

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Do you have multiple shelves in Greenhouse in the garden when mounted, nothing stands in the way of planting. The greenhouse can be set up from March – vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes grow quickly if they are between 12-15 degrees in the greenhouse. In any case, heating and lighting are necessary for this.

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