Building a greenhouse – tips for hobby gardeners on growing vegetables

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A greenhouse collects the sun’s rays and uses the greenhouse effect so that vegetables harvest longer. Under the glass roof, the air and soil are warmed up well so that seedlings can grow and germinate when it is still cold outside. Anyone in their own garden Build a greenhouse and since you want to grow vegetables, you should of course consider a few things in advance. So what else is important to know when planning??

Building a greenhouse – what to consider?

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With a stable and storm-proof greenhouse, the gardening season can be extended from early spring to late autumn. Building a greenhouse is the dream of every hobby gardener. You have almost a free hand with the shape and design. Kits in various sizes and price categories are offered in gardening and hardware stores and on the Internet – from free-standing and leaning greenhouses to extremely well-insulated thermal greenhouses. Regardless of whether you build with wood, glass or metal, you need additional accessories such as tables, shelves, heating, watering, ventilation, plant lights, pricking boxes, etc..

Work protected in the greenhouse


A greenhouse for growing vegetables doesn’t have to be very large. Good planning and preparation is very important. For vegetable plants, even smaller greenhouses and greenhouses in mini format are sufficient. It is about a simple protective structure made of plastic that can be flexibly moved in the garden. If you need a little more space for cuttings and young plants, you have to have a walk-in one Build a greenhouse. This offers sufficient space on several levels.

Safely overwinter plants in the greenhouse


A greenhouse provides ideal shelter for plants in winter, and also serves as a work table and storage room for tools. In summer, too, some vegetables, such as tomatoes, thrive better in the greenhouse. Greenhouse panes are made of glass or translucent plastic sheets. The basic structure for a greenhouse usually consists of aluminum or galvanized steel. The protective coating on wooden greenhouses must be renewed regularly.

Garden under a glass


One needs to choose a stable, permanent structure on a frost-resistant foundation. For the wintering of plants, the greenhouse should have sufficient insulation of the floor. Your gardening work is independent of the weather.

Greenhouse extends the gardening season into winter

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Who one Build a greenhouse should consider climate control. It can be either heated or unheated (cold house). In the cold house, the microclimate is ideal for many robust potted plants. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of air on warm days! Automatic fans are not complicated to install.

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Multiple glazed panes guarantee good thermal insulation 

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Greenhouse Tips-Building Greenhouse Extend the garden season

Tips for gardening equipment for greenhouse shelves, tables, beds, heating, irrigation

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