Build your own organic wooden composter – instructions in simple steps

Good ventilation to build composter resistant to fungi

Compost provides the garden with the nutrients it needs for abundant growth and improves the soil structure. A bio-Wooden composter building is actually easier than you think. By the way, simple wooden composters can be found in every hardware store, but you can also build one yourself with little effort and investment. What should a hobby gardener consider, you will find out in the following paragraphs.

Find a suitable place for the wooden composter

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Before you build the organic composter, you should first determine the location. This should ideally be in the shade, since the compost should still dry out completely and, if possible, in a hidden place in the garden where it cannot be seen by your guests. It should be noted that the composter is provided with sufficient oxygen. Wood is very suitable for composters – the material does not rust and allows a good air supply. Its dimensions should be adapted to the chosen space.

Avoid mold growth through good ventilation

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For reasons of space you should Wooden composter Build up in height and not in width – so that earthworms can do their job faster. It is possible to take out one side of the composter to be able to work better with the compost. Working in it from above is very exhausting and exhausting. After you have found a suitable place in the garden, you should dig the corner posts in holes about 40 cm deep. Only now can boards be screwed on. The lower ones should be placed about 5-6 cm from the ground.

Faster composting is guaranteed by higher temperatures

bio composter made of wood - instructions for hobby gardeners

The installation of a grille contributes to better ventilation

Metal wire mesh composters allow good ventilation

Put on your own compost

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Stimulate soil life with compost

Compost garden ideas get fertilizer nutrients

Fertilize plants with compost

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