24 suggestions for modern autumn planting in pots

Bring autumn onto your terrace with our wonderful planting ideas! These suggestions for modern autumn planting of pots are very easy to implement and inspire with their bright autumn colors. Regardless of whether you want to put autumn favorites such as chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbage and pansies in the limelight or rather prefer the modern interplay of annual plants, shrubs and ornamental grasses – you will find what you are looking for in our picture gallery!

Autumn planting for buckets 2020 – the focus is on colorful foliage

autumn planting in buckets with ornamental cabbage

This beautiful planting idea does not rely on autumn bloomers, but only on plants with colorful leaves. The best part is that they will remain a delightful eye-catcher well beyond the first frost. However, the Koprosma is not winter hardy in our latitudes.

A. Coprosma repens ‘Tequila Sunrise’

B. Mandrel-leaved Oregon grape ‘Charity’

C. Purple bells ‘Stoplight’ Heucherella tiarelloides

D. ornamental cabbage ‘Nagoya’

Celebrate Thanksgiving with pumpkins

autumn planting buckets suggestions

Plant hardy purple bells and Swiss chard in the center of a galvanized tub, then surround the plants with decorative mini pumpkins. Colorful decorative pumpkins as decoration create an autumnal atmosphere everywhere.

A. Mangold

B. Purple bells (Heuchera micrantha) ‘Pinot Gris’

Choose a stylish container for the autumn plants

autumn planting pots 2020

Pick a planter that you really like and then let it inspire you for your fall planting. A colorful bucket can very well make a gray winter day look more cheerful. Choose plants with leaves or stems in similar or contrasting hues. In this pot, for example, bright red purple bells almost match the pot color, while the rest of the plants provide contrast.

A. Blueberry Vaccinium angustifollium

B. Palm Cabbage (Lacinato Kale)

C. Pearl millet Jade Princess

D. Purple Bells ‘Berry Smoothie’

E. Dead nettle (Lamium) ‘Orchid Frost’

Create a harmonious overall picture with a great effect

autumn planting pictures modern in a corten steel bucket

Use at least one tall plant in each tub, one with bright colors and one with interesting foliage. Honeysuckle, heather, and purple bells fill this pot with lush foliage, while the bluish-gray prairie grass adds a blue accent and rises above the rest.

A. Blue-gray prairie grass (Schizachyrium scoparium)

B. Honeysuckle ‘Twiggy Dwarf’

C. Grape heather (Leucothoe fontanesiana) ‘Rainbow’

D. Purple Bells ‘Berry Smoothie’

Combine different plant textures

autumn planting for pots in green and purple tones

Flowers are ephemeral. So that your autumn planting in the tub is an eye-catcher well into winter, opt for autumn plants with interesting foliage that look beautiful in autumn. Grasses, kale, Heuchera and Heucherella are colorful, have an interesting leaf structure and tolerate a little frost, so they are perfect as a decoration for the autumn terrace.

A. Purple Palm Cabbage (Lacinato Kale)

B. Orange New Zealand Sedge (Carex testacea)

C. Mexican orange flower (Choisya ternata) ‘Sundance’

D. Koprosoma (Coprosma repens) ‘Roy’s Red’

E. Violet ‘Sorbet Coconut’

F. Purple bells ‘Stoplight’

Make it an accent with brightly colored branches

modern autumn planting for pots

The red dogwood is known for its bright red winter stems. But if you can’t find one, you can of course also paint branches of another tree species and put them in the bucket. Colorful twigs are an easy way to add spectacular color to a winter floral arrangement. Use a tall, narrow container to enhance the effect.

A. Ornamental millet ‘Purple Baron’ (Pennisetum glaucum)

B. Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’

C. Shrub Veronica (Hebe x andersonii)

D. dwarf pine Mugo

E. Gaultheria procumbens

Experiment with perennials with interesting foliage

autumn planting flower pots with heuchera and ornamental grass

Perennials can be the highlight of an autumn planting in the tub, especially if you choose varieties with eye-catching foliage. Keep these like annuals or put them in the ground as soon as possible before they freeze.

A. Spurge (Euphorbia) ‘Efanthia’

B. Lamp cleaner grass ‘Hameln’

C. Elfenspur (Diascia) ‘Flying Colors Trailing Red’

D. purple bells ‘Dolce Creme Brulee’

Make a statement with colorful stems

autumn planting in a pot and a bucket as a planter

Sometimes stems can be more colorful and noticeable than the leaves. With this planting idea, the striking stems of the Swiss chard stand out better due to their intense color.

A. Swiss chard ‘Bright Lights’

B. Ornamental cabbage ‘Pigeon Purple’

C. Purple bells ‘jam’

Combine autumn plants that are similar in color

autumn plants for tall pots in front of the entrance door

Welcome your guests at your entrance with a vintage-style garden urn or two. Use flowers and plants in similar autumn colors to create a particularly elegant and harmonious look.

A. Lamp cleaner grass ‘Burgundy Giant’

B. Colored nettle ‘Sedona’

C. Zinnia ‘Zesty Scarlet’

D. Black-eyed Susanne’Cordoba ‘

E. Magic bells Calibrachoa ‘Superbells Tequila Sunrise’

Put autumn favorites in the limelight

herb planting for buckets with asters and ornamental cabbage

Asters and ornamental cabbage are classic choices for autumn planting in pots and pots. In combination with the silver foliage of the straw flower, the whole thing looks even more beautiful. Choose an orange planter for a warm contrast.

A. Aster ‘Purple Viking’

B. Ornamental cabbage ‘Kamome Red’

C. Straw flower Helichrysum thianschanicum ‘Icicles’

Brown and orange belong to autumn

autumn planting modern with chrysanthemums and ornamental grass

Celebrate the beautiful fall season with bronze and dark purple tones that look especially regal. The orange chrysanthemums with their bright color add a nice contrast.

A. Sedges (Carex)

B. Chrysanthemum ‘Golden Andrea’

C. Pearl millet ‘Jester’

Create a light-dark contrast

autumn planting pot in shades of purple

Bring unexpected colors and contrasts into your autumn landscape with autumn plants that have pale pink flowers or silver leaves.

A. Chrysanthemum ‘Soft Cheryl’

B. White felted ragwort Jacobaea maritima

C. ‘Redbor’ kale in purple

Choose a consistent color theme

autumn plants in orange green and brown

This planting idea for tubs is about choosing a color theme. The plants fit together perfectly and are shown to their best advantage in the terracotta tub.

A. Euphorbia ‘Efanthia’

B. Colored nettle ‘Ulrich’

C. Indian grass

D. Chrysanthemum ‘Festive Ursula’

Combine different kale textures and colors

autumn planting idea - kale and ornamental cabbage in a yellow pot

Ornamental cabbage (Brassica) brings autumn colors to the garden and is a perfect choice for adding color and texture to your autumn planting. To create a dynamic arrangement, combine several types of Brassica in one pot.

A. Ornamental cabbage ‘Osaka White’

B. Ornamental cabbage ‘Pigeon Purple’

C. Redbor cabbage

Use an original planter

modern autumn planting with flowers and grasses

Put the plants in the right scene with a fun container, such as an antique-look bird bath. Alternatively, you can use a bushel basket, wooden box, or any other material with character. Here are some more ideas for decorating the autumn terrace.

A. ‘Golden Globe’ loosestrife

B. Multicolored nettle ‘Tiny Toes’

C. Chrysanthemum’Blushing Emily ‘

D. Kale

E. Harp shrub Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’

F. Purple bells ‘Dolce Creme Brulee’

G. Rubingras Melinis nerviglumis ‘Pink Champagne’

Matching decorative elements are an eye-catcher in the bucket

modern autumn planting in pots for the front yard

Give your autumn pots that certain something by adding garden decorations or other decorative elements. A pumpkin-shaped birdhouse, for example, goes well with the fall theme and adds height to the floral arrangement.

A. Chrysanthemum ‘Cheryl’

B. Sedge

C. Pennywort (Creeping jenny) ‘Aurea’

D. Pansy ‘Icicle’

E. Lamp cleaner grass ‘Rubrum’

Pastel colors look beautiful even in autumn

Chrysanthemums, pansies and ornamental grass in a large stone bucket

Container gardening is about visual balance. You can optically balance out the strong red, orange and yellow tones of autumn with blossoms in delicate pink, lavender and burgundy tones.

A. Japanese mustard, Osaka Purple

B. Pansy ‘Icicle’

C. Chrysanthemum ‘Debonaire’

D. Lamp cleaner grass ‘Rubrum’

Chrysanthemums are a versatile autumn ornament

Autumn planting with purple and red flowers

Chrysanthemums and autumn just belong together. They always provide bright accents in pots or beds, but can also be beautifully combined with other plants. Here a rust-red chrysanthemum forms a great contrast to the purple magic bells in a galvanized container. This fall planting would also work well in a hanging basket.

A. Magic bell Calibrachoa ‘Cabaret Purple’

B. Chrysanthemum ‘Brandi’

C. Japanese mustard ‘Osaka Purple’

D. Lamp cleaner grass ‘Hameln’

E. sage

Autumn planting in purple and white

autumn planting of pots hardy

Just a few fall container plants can create a beautiful mini garden. The scent of the garden levkoje is simply impressive.

A. Beach silver herb (Lobularia maritima) ‘Wonderland Mulberry Mix’

B. Ornamental cabbage ‘Osaka Purple’

C. Garden Levkoje (Matthiola incana) ‘Vintage Lavender’

Simple and beautiful

autumn planting tubs hardy

No matter what time of year, yellow is a color that attracts everyone’s attention. Pansies are among the best autumn flowers because they can bring color to balconies and patios well into winter. And there are many varieties with yellow flowers.

A. Pansy ‘Panola Yellow Blotch’

B. Straw flower Helichrysum thianschanicum ‘Icicles’

C. English ivy

Clay pots go well with autumn plants

Autumn planting for pot with kale

A simple combination of hardy kale (Brassica oleracea), purple chrysanthemums and colorful Iresine herbstii ‘Aureoreticulata’ creates an autumn mood and is particularly beautiful in terracotta pots.

A. Ornamental cabbage Brassica oleracea var.acephala

B. Purple Chrysanthemum

C. iresine autumnii ‘Aureoreticulata’

Combine chrysanthemums and grasses with similar hues

Autumn planting for pot with ornamental grass and purple chrysanthemums

Red lamp-cleaning grass adds height, texture and color to the floral arrangement and contrasts nicely with the magenta-colored flowers of the chrysanthemums.

A. Lamp cleaner grass ‘Rubrum’

B. Purple Chrysanthemum

Flowers, fruits and vegetables as autumn plants for pots

idea for autumn planting with berries

Ornamental pepper ‘Black Pearl’ comes into its own in a rusty pot with pink verbena, purple kale and green ornamental cabbage.

A. Spanish pepper (Capsicum annuum) ‘Black Pearl’

B. Pink verbena, verbena

C. Purple kale

D. Ornamental cabbage

Use different shades of one color

autumn plants in orange tears as table decorations

If every season had its own color, late summer would be orange. So if you want to be an eye-catcher on the outdoor dining table, you can plant girl’s eye ‘Mango Punch’ combined with matching chrysanthemums and ornamental peppers ‘Black Pearl’ in a stone bowl with feet.

A. Girl’s eye (Coreopsis rosea) ‘Mango Punch’

B. Chrysanthemum

C. Ornamental peppers ‘Black Pearl’ (Capsicum annuum)

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