22 ideas for decorative vegetable gardens – pleasure for the eyes and the palate

create decorative vegetable gardens flowers cabbage variety accents

A decorative vegetable garden is a pleasure garden for the eyes and thumb. Little do many people suspect that vegetables can also be very decorative and colorful. In fact, many vegetables were once grown for their ornamental properties. We offer you 22 examples and ideas for decorative vegetable gardens, that are useful and beautiful.

Decorative vegetable gardens – plants tastefully arranged

decorative vegetable garden eyes palate enjoyment

Get creative with your vegetable garden design. Create a series of decorative raised beds out of wooden slats and garden paths out of gravel. Check out photos of historic French potager kitchen gardens for inspiration. Plant vegetables with beautiful flowers and leaves. For example, the pretty purple cabbage planted in a row with snow-white cauliflower. Or experiment with plants in a group rather than rows for a decorative effect.

Decorative vegetable gardens supplemented with flowers and grasses

vegetable garden lettuce decorative grasses texture

Growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers in the garden combines beauty with functionality. Orchards and vegetable gardens actually have the potential to look very decorative. Fennels, various types of lettuce, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, garlic, spinach, beets, radishes and French beans can be successfully combined with beautiful types of flowers.

Cabbage framed by box hedges

vegetable garden plants cabbage box hedges

Paint the wooden picket fence pink

vegetable garden decorative raised beds wood picket fence pink

Arrange vegetables and flowers nicely

decorative vegetable gardens castle france flowers

Leaf lettuce varieties look very decorative

decorative vegetable garden salad fountain waves

Vegetable cultivation in the raised bed

decorative vegetable gardens stepping stones potager salad wood raised bed

Basket instead of wood

Potager kitchen garden create raised beds and baskets

Leaf lettuce and flowers in the raised bed

potager garden ideas flowers salad combine

Potager kitchen garden

potager decorative vegetable gardens france flowers vegetables combined

potager garden idea herbs planter   decorative potager kitchen garden planting flowers

decorative vegetable gardens potager vegetable flowers raised bed

vegetable garden plants hedges ideas sidewalk gravel

decorative ideas vegetable garden plants flowers raised bed  vegetable garden ideas raised beds wood edge  vegetable garden raised bed wood box plants

decorative vegetable gardens french potager garden castle

decorative vegetable garden flowers vegetables cabbage

decorative vegetable gardens plants cabbage onion flowers

arrange vegetable garden green salad cabbage