17 flowers and plants that magically attract butterflies in the garden

Buddleia royal red

Create the perfect butterfly garden by planting the right flowers. These beautiful plants magically lure you Butterflies in the garden and offer them a livelihood.

1. Phlox for butterflies in the garden

Butterflies in the garden attract phlox

Phlox has beautiful red, pink, lavender, or white flowers all summer long. Their beautiful scent delights our noses as much as their nectar delights hungry butterflies.

2. Anise hyssop – butterflies in the garden

butterflies garden anise hyssop purple

There are many reasons to grow anise hyssop. This plant is heat and drought tolerant, the deer and rabbits leave it alone, it blooms for weeks in late summer and the butterflies love it. It is also a great cut flower.

3. Royal Red butterfly bush or Buddleia

Butterflies in the garden butterfly bush

This shrub is called the butterfly bush for a good reason – it’s covered in butterflies all summer long. An easy-care shrub with fragrant flowers in blue, lavender and white.

4. Orange milkweed

orange milkweed butterflies in the garden

As you grow this orange milkweed rest assured that you would attract lots of monarch butterflies in the garden. The butterflies drink nectar from the orange flowers in summer, and the caterpillars feed on the leaves of the plant.

5. aster

Butterflies in the garden aster plant species

A beautiful fall plant that blooms in shades of blue, purple, pink, red, and white. Aster has a dual role. The flowers provide the butterflies with nectar for autumn and the caterpillars feed on the leaves of the plant.

6. Red sun hat

butterfly plants red coneflower

There are many reasons to grow sun hats when you have a sunny garden. It is the favorite plant for many butterflies. Tolerant of heat and drought, a perfect cut flower and blooms most of the summer.

7. Salvia – Blue Queen or May Night

butterfly plants mainacht blue queen

There is a type of Salvia for every garden: some are large, some are short. Some have blue or purple flowers and others have red, orange, or pink flowers.

8. Convertible rose (Lantana)

Butterflies in the garden

The colorful changing rose blooms all summer long in bright shades of purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, cream and white. The versatile plant looks perfect in both flower pots and beds. The butterflies will agree with us – the convertible rose is a perfect addition to your butterfly garden.

9. Pentas

butterfly flowers pentas garden

A garden champion with star-shaped flowers in bright colors like pink, red and white. This flower loves hot conditions, resists drought quite well, and is a safe attractant for butterflies and hummingbirds.

10. Passion flower

Passionflower climber attract butterflies garden

The passion flower is one of the most exotic climbing plants that you can grow. It is also one of the best for butterflies as a large number of them drink their nectar.

11. Mexican sunflower

mexican sunflower butterflies in the garden

This plant is tall, lush, and perfect for butterflies. Enjoy these easy-care, large, orange-colored flowers all summer long.

12. Verbena – Verbena bonariensis

Verbena butterflies plant flowers

This plant makes a perfect cut flower – but don’t worry about using it in bouquets. The more you cut, the more it blooms with lovely little purple flowers.

13. Zinnia

Zinnia in the garden attract butterflies

Almost everyone loves the zinnia, which is why it is also a favorite flower of butterfly gardeners, home gardeners and beginners. It blooms in an endless range of colors all summer long.

14. Water stew

wasserdost pink flowers garden butterflies magnit

Grow towers from Wasserdost that grows more than 6 meters high. If you don’t have that much space in the garden, don’t worry – some species stay smaller.

15. Black-eyed Susan

black-eyed susanne garden summer bloomer

Black-eyed Susanne is just as perfect for bouquets as it is for butterflies. This sturdy perennial blooms with large, yellow flowers in late summer.

16. Bronze fennel

Butterflies in the garden plant bronze fennel

The bronze fennel adds texture to any garden with its filigree leaf decoration. It’s also a safe way to attract swallowtail butterflies in the garden.

17. Girl’s eye

girl's eye flower lure butterflies in the garden

This beautiful perennial flower has tiny yellow blooms over lush green foliage that the Butterflies in the garden attracts.