10 patio plants that can withstand a lot of sun: ideas for the south side of the house

In spring and summer we like to hang out on the terrace. Garden design plays a crucial role in making us feel comfortable. If the terrace is on the south side of the house, then it is in the blazing sun all afternoon. This raises the question for many hobby gardeners, which terrace plants can withstand a lot of sun. We list 10 flowers, shrubs and succulents for you that will thrive in heat and drought without any problems.

Terrace plants that can withstand a lot of sun: Useful tips

Patios plant plenty of sun on the south side Tips

Even if you choose true sun worshipers, there are a few things to consider when planting the area around the patio. Here are several useful tips:

1. Choose planters and flower pots made of natural materials that do not overheat. Wood and ceramics work well. On the other hand, avoid steel, fiberglass, plastic (becomes brittle) and stone. Choose pots and boxes in light colors.

2. The same also applies to the rock garden: If you want to put stones in the middle of the flowerbed, leave enough space (about 20 cm) between the stones and the plants. Otherwise, you run the risk of the stones heating up and damaging the roots of the plants.

Plants on the terrace on the south side of the house

3. You can plant the terrace from mid-May. In the first two weeks, however, the young plants need sun protection (through a pergola, fleece cover or parasols).

4. The stronger the sun shines, the faster the water evaporates. You should therefore water the plants more often than usual, especially in the summer months.

Sun worshipers for the terrace on the south side of the house: the angel’s trumpet

Terrace plants for a lot of sun on the south side tolerate angel's trumpet

The angel’s trumpet forms hanging flowers in different colors, which give off a sweet scent after sunset. All parts of the plant are poisonous, so it is not suitable for families with pets or small children.

  • Location: sunny, sheltered from the wind
  • Soil: well drained, moist
  • max.height: 2 meters

Terrace plants that can withstand a lot of sun and are suitable for the rock garden: the agave

Patio plants for blazing sun south side plant agave

The agave is popular for its large, blue-green colored leaves and is often geo-planted as an accent in the rock garden. Some varieties, such as the American agave, are hardy, but they need to be overwintered. Others cannot thrive outside in sub-zero temperatures and are only cultivated as potted plants. Otherwise, the plant is not particularly demanding and can get by with very little water.

  • Location: in the sun, does not need wind protection
  • Soil: permeable, airy
  • max.height: 1 meter

Terrace flowers that can withstand a lot of sun: the Angelonia

Angelonia for full sun terrace planting on the south side

The Angelonia forms large buds in summer and blooms splendidly throughout the summer. There are varieties that are over a meter high and others that have a compact and small growth and are therefore suitable for the tub garden.

  • Location: sheltered from the wind, needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight
  • Soil: moist, well-drained. Good drainage is an absolute must
  • max.height: 1 meter

Terrace plants for the blazing sun: The convertible rose

Terrace plants that tolerate a lot of sun, convertible roses with white flowers

With its multi-colored flowers, the convertible rose attracts butterflies and bees to the garden. Depending on the variety, the plant can produce red, orange, yellow, pink or white flowers. The color of the foliage also changes from light green to golden yellow.

  • Location: Needs six hours of direct sunlight a day
  • Soil: well-drained, moderately moist. Water well after planting, then only as needed
  • max.height: 0.70 meters

Terrace plants that can withstand a lot of sun: the dipladenia

Terrace plants tolerate a lot of sun Dipladenia (1)

The dipladenia is a climbing shrub that forms red, pink or white flowers from spring to autumn. The climbing plant grows very quickly and provides shade and flowers on the terrace. But be careful: the exotic is poisonous.

  • Location: humid place, needs sun protection at lunchtime.
  • Soil: moderately moist, well-drained, airy
  • max.height: can climb up to three meters

Flowers for sunny terraces on the south side of the house: the passion flower

Flowers for south side terrace blazing sun passion flower

The passion flower is also one of the exotic climbing plants. Various varieties are available in the garden centers that bloom in all the colors of the rainbow. The plant needs climbing aids like trellises. It grows fast and strong and can provide wind and privacy protection for the terrace.

  • Location: in the sun
  • Soil: moist, well-drained
  • max.height: up to three meters

Sun worshipers for the southern terrace: the five-numbered shrub

Terrace plant south side flowers for dry soils five-membered shrub

The five-fold shrub makes large flower buds all summer long. The red, white or pink flowers attract butterflies to the garden. The shrub has a compact habit.

  • Location: Can withstand blazing sun, is ideal as a border around the flower bed
  • Soil: moist, well-drained, airy
  • max.height: 60 cm

Terrace plants for sunny locations: Cape leadwort

Terrace plants for blazing sun Cape leadroot

Cape leadwort is a vigorous shrub that flowers from May to September. It can thrive in both heat and frost. The lead root can also be grown as a climbing plant with a climbing aid.

  • Location: sheltered from the wind, sunny
  • Soil: moist, well-drained
  • max.height: 3 meters (climbing plant)

Planting a sunny terrace: the gentian tree

Plants for sunny terraces all around the gentian tree

The gentian tree is actually a shrub that produces purple flowers. In the garden center, it is often cut in the shape of a tree. The shrub can provide privacy and is therefore particularly suitable for the south garden of a terraced house or a city villa.

  • Location: in the blazing sun
  • Soil: moderately moist to dry, well-drained
  • max.height: 0.70 meters

Terrace plants that thrive in the blazing sun: the milkweed

Terrace plants for sunny locations Milkweed

The milkweed is one of the most beautiful exotic species in the home garden. Its flowers, which turn from yellow to orange and fiery red, attract butterflies to the garden. Only touch the plant with gardening gloves because it contains substances that can inflame the skin.

  • Location: sunny
  • Soil: permeable
  • max.height: 1 meter