10 flowering climbing plants for the garden or as a pot plant

flowering climbing plants-garden-potted-plant-climbing roses-pink-color

Flowering climbing plants appear really splendid in the garden and as a decorative green facade for the terrace or balcony. Fences and pergolas can be designed romantically and provide naturally colored eye-catchers. The enchanting flowers and colors give a lively atmosphere during the warm season. Some plant species are also evergreen and hardy. We provide an overview of eight of them.

Flowering climbing plants – magnificent climbing roses

flowering climbing plants-garden-potted-plant-rose-white-sally-holmes

Sally Holmes is a hardy shrub rose, with a very light fragrance, which blooms abundantly in creamy white almost continuously. The individual flowers are densely packed in the clusters and are relatively durable. The variety is characterized by great persistence – is chat-tolerant, and disease-resistant. The leaves of the healthy plant shine in dark green and the foliage becomes medium high – reaching a height of around 180 centimeters.

Flowering climbing plants – climbing roses Sally Holmes and New Down

blooming climbing plants-garden-potted-plant-climbing rose-white-house-romantic-new-down

New Down is a striking variety of climbing rose that blooms profusely and intensely until autumn. It is very robust, frost hardy and densely leafy. An airy one in full sun may be suitable for a suitable location. This species delights with medium-sized but very double flowers in pale pink and pink-white from early summer to frost. The plants are strong enough to withstand even the harsh winter and prolonged frost. Healthy foliage can reach a height of 4 meters.

Flowering climbing plants – white clematis

flowering climbing plants-garden-potted-plant-clematis-white-sunny-flower

The clematis, also called clematis, are known in several colors and shapes, but one can easily distinguish the hybrids from the Central European and East Asian wild species. The flowers of cultivated varieties reach a diameter of up to 15 centimeters, while the naturally grown ones appear smaller and dainty.

Central European and East Asian species of clematis are dainty and smaller

flowering climbing plants -garden-pergola-white-clematis-bench

Some varieties bloom in spring to May, others in summer. The clematis feel at home in a sunny to partially shaded place, preferably next to a wall facing south or west. A suitable time for planting would be late summer.

Hardy scented plant – wisteria


The wisteria (bot. Amethyst Falls) didn’t get its name for nothing. It will delight you with its large, magnificent flowers for several weeks between May and August. These flowering climbing plants give off their pleasant scent all over the garden, as they can usually be found as greenery on walls and fences.

The typical flower clusters of wisteria


The wisteria is hardy and can be planted all year round. It prefers a warm, sunny location and nutrient-rich, well-drained and moist soil. The characteristic flower clusters serve as an important source of food for bees. It should be emphasized that it is slightly poisonous.

Losstrauch – beautifully blooming pot plant in the garden or in the house


Losstrauch (bot. Clerodendrum thomsoniae) is mainly known as a pot plant, but can also be cultivated as an ampelous plant in the garden. This flowering climber can grow up to 3 meters tall if not trimmed. It needs a bright location, but direct sunlight should be avoided. From spring to early autumn, the loose shrubs form cusps with an unmistakable shape. Red-colored, star-shaped corollas emerge from the top of the cups. The plant cannot survive outside at temperatures below 10 degrees. In the dormant period it is seldom watered so that it does not dry out completely.

Flowering climbing plants in the garden – jasmine


Who wouldn’t recognize the unmistakable scent of jasmine right away. This evergreen climbing plant, which is popular and widespread all over the world, actually originally comes from China. It blooms from May to June with small, white, typical, five-star flowers and is 2-3 meters high and 0.5 to 1.5 meters wide depending on the location. The jasmine needs little space to grow and prefers a sunny to partially shaded location with climbing aid. It is frost hardy, but at temperatures below -2 degrees it needs winter fleece or other accommodation.

Climbing plants blooming magnificently in red – triplet flower / bougainvillea


The triplet flower is a popular container plant, typical of the Mediterranean region. It is characterized by elegant, dark foliage and bright colored flowers. Flowering climbing plants like these are very fast-growing and ensure blooming splendor on house facades and fences. These do not require great care and bloom for a long time, but unfortunately they are not winter hardy. In summer, during the flowering period, it is necessary to water regularly, and to extend the flowering period – fertilize weekly. When wintering, the leaves should be reduced and rarely watered.

Dainty flowering climbing plants – moon flower


Moonflower (bot. Ipomea Alba) is an evergreen, perennial, flowering tendril with typical white flowers that have an intense scent and open in the evening and close in the morning. The long-stalked, deep green leaves and the flowers are arranged alternately on the foliage. It prefers full sun and sunny locations in the garden or as a pot plant and flowers abundantly from summer to autumn. Wintering is recommended at temperatures below 5 degrees.

Full sun and sunny locations in the garden or as a potted plant for the moon flower


Climbing hydrangea, Hydrangea petiolaris

Climbing hydrangea-petiolaris-white-blooming-privacy-protection-wooden fence

The climbing cortensia does not need a climbing aid because it clings to walls and fences. In early summer, this climber develops fragrant, white flower umbrellas that can be enjoyed from June to August. It is hardy and perennial, but slowly growing.

Trumpet flower Campsis tagliabuana


The trumpet flower reaches a height of 4 meters. The trumpet-shaped flowers glow in beautiful red tones from July to September.