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What can you plant in August? Vegetables, flowers and balcony plants for the garden in late summer

In August, the flowering time of many flowers is already over. After the harvest in July, there is also space for new crops in the vegetable patch. But what can you plant in August? We list several fast growing vegetables, fruits and flowers that can be planted in August. Raised beds and flower boxes do not have to remain empty and you can enjoy delicious fruit and vegetables until autumn.

1. What else can you plant in August??

Plant the vegetable garden in late summer and replant

Plants that ripen quickly before the first frost are particularly suitable for the kitchen and ornamental garden in August. Not only the choice of cultures plays a decisive role. The planting time is also important for the end result. If the summer is rainy, then you can plant the plants after a rain. Then the soil is loose and you can dig holes without much effort. The soil moisture is also higher after rain, which is beneficial for the young plants. They need sufficient water supply to grow on.

However, if the summer is very hot, you should help a little so that the plants are not under water stress. Water the bed extensively in the evening and plant the young plants or sow the seeds.

If you want to overseed a raised bed or a vegetable patch, you should follow a few basic rules:

what is edible to plant in the garden and in pots in August

1. The spring plants have been attacked by pests? Change plant species in autumn. You can now plant lettuce or spinach where cauliflower used to grow. The crops have similar demands on the soil and the location.

2. Where a strong eater grew in the bed in spring, sow a weak eater now.

3. Vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers need more time to be ready for harvest and are therefore not suitable for autumn planting. You can, however, prefer some types of fruit and vegetables in June and July and then plant the young plants in the bed.

4. Not all flowers have to bloom in autumn and all crops have a yield. There are many varieties that are planted in late summer and only bloom or produce fruit in spring.

5. You can plant some frost-sensitive plants outdoors, but then have to overwinter them in a greenhouse. They won’t survive winter in the garden.

2. What flowers to plant in August?

Blue hydrangeas in late summer planting tips

Late summer is the perfect time to plant perennials and flowering shrubs. So they will use the cold season to grow and will then bloom splendidly in the next spring.

You can plant these flowers and perennials in August:

  • hydrangea
  • Daylily
  • various blooming sedum plants
  • Peony
  • Iris

In order for the plants to develop well, you should water them regularly from August to September. You can also mulch the flower bed in October so that you further promote the growth of the plants and so that the water does not evaporate.

Tip: Mark all plants on the garden plan.

Sow in August flowers in late summer, plant forget-me-nots

Sowing in August: what to plant in summer?

  • Cornflower
  • Marigold
  • forget Me Not
  • Gold lacquer is sown by the end of July. If the heat continues, planting is possible up to mid-August
  • Early spring cyclamen

The flowers you sow in August will bloom next spring.

3. Which vegetables to plant in August?

which vegetables are chard planted in August

From the beginning of August, when the vegetable patch remains empty, the hobby gardener is often asked: “Which vegetables can you plant in late summer?” There are several types of late vegetables that you can plant in summer.

3.1. What to plant and sow in late summer (early August)?

Planting potatoes in August Tips for late vegetables

Below we give you several ideas for late vegetables that can be planted in early August.

Planting potatoes in August: Potato varieties such as “Charlotte”, “Nicola” and “Maris Peer” are early potato varieties that are suitable for planting in August. These strains will also do well in planters. From September you should bring the potatoes to the greenhouse or garden house. In December, with proper care, they will be ripe and ready to be harvested.

Fast growing leafy vegetables such as chard, endive, autumn radish or rocket are also ideal for planting in August.

Chicory and fennel are usually planted in mid-August.

arugula can be sown outdoors in hot weather until mid-September.

3.2 Plant late vegetables in early to mid-August

Late vegetables in August plant cauliflower

You can plant and sow these late vegetable species at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn:

Planting cauliflower in August: At the beginning of August you can start growing the cauliflower to plant the seedlings at the end of August. The harvest can then begin at the end of September.

The right time to sow the Multi-onion is between April and August.

The rhubarb is usually planted in spring. Planting and transplanting is also possible in late summer.

Planting kohlrabi in August: You can also sow kohlrabi at the end of July and plant them in August.

3.3 Which vegetables to plant in late summer (late August)?

What vegetables to plant in late summer broccoli care

Broccoli: The correct planting time for winter broccoli is mid to late August. The hardy varieties then need six months before they are ready for harvest.

Carrots: You can sow the “Little Finger” carrot variety as early as the end of August. Water them twice a day in the summer. In the cold winter months, you can then cover the plants with a layer of mulch or straw to protect them from frost and wind.

Tuber fennel: The planting date for the tuber fennel is from April to August. The vegetables will be ready for harvest in two months.

4. What fruit to plant in late summer?

What fruit do blueberries plant in late summer

Below we list several types of fruit and fruit trees that you can plant in the garden in August. Trees and bushes in particular need at least 2 months to grow, otherwise frost damage can occur. During this period you should water them abundantly as they consume a lot of water.

  • blueberries
  • Currants
  • Strawberries (single bearing varieties)
  • Blackberries (hybrid varieties)
  • Column apple tree variety “Ballerina”
  • Fig tree *
  • Elderberry *
  • Kiwi *
  • Sweet almonds *

* Plant in a pot and move to the greenhouse before the first frost.

5. Which herbs can you still plant in August??

What herbs can still be planted in August rosemary

August is the right time to sow seeds one last time before the first frost and plant out preferred herbs. The following herbs are suitable for this purpose:

  • coriander
  • rosemary
  • thyme
  • basil
  • dill
  • Balm
  • peppermint
  • fennel

The correct time to plant the herbs is at the end of August. It is best to plant them in pots and flower boxes, because they are sensitive to frost and must be brought into the house from 15 degrees. Good drainage is very important, because at the end of summer it often rains and the herbs cannot tolerate waterlogging.

6. Which plants are still to be planted in the raised bed in August??

Which plants in August for the raised bed varieties

In principle, all of the vegetables mentioned above are suitable for planting a raised bed. If there is still space, the following vegetables are available:

  • Spring onion variety “White Lisbon” – harvest next spring
  • Radish variety “French Breakfast” – harvest in October
  • Vegetable cabbage variety “Durham Early” – harvested in April
  • Pak Choi variety “Tricolor Mix” – harvest in September
  • Endive variety “Mixed” – harvest in September
  • Spinach variety “Perpetual” – harvest in October

7. Which balcony plants can be planted in August?

Balcony plants for late summer plant begonias

Finally, we have several suggestions for the balcony garden. If your balcony is in the shade, the following plants are ideal:

  • Colored nettle
  • Colorwort
  • Begonias
  • Ferns

For the sunny balcony facing south or west, there are:

  • Convertible rose
  • Daisies
  • Purslane florets
  • Petunias
  • Evergreen

After planting, you can provide the flowers with slow release fertilizer. It is gradually released into the ground. The fertilizer promotes plant growth and extends the flowering period.

It is also possible, by the way, Lavender in August to plant. The correct planting time for the garden is spring. However, if you want to grow the lavender as a container plant, then you can use it in August and put it on the balcony. So the sun worshiper has enough time before the first frost to grow. However, since the young plants are susceptible to cold frosts, you should bring them into the house from mid-September.