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Vertical mini-gardens for the interior with rootless tillandsia

Vertical mini gardens airplantframe tillandsia interior wall decoration

We all love the look and idea of ​​a vertical garden, but some of us just don’t have the green thumbs of the other. Josh Rosen comes to the rescue like a superhero to himself Airplantman is called. He has a special framework for vertical mini gardens designed that can be described as living art. These works of art use the whimsical shapes of the rootless tillandsia to uniquely decorate the exterior and interior. The tillandsia do not need soil, so they are perfect for a wall-hung garden.

Vertical mini-gardens in the frame

airplantframe Create vertical mini gardens Plant tillandsias

The frame – AirplantFrame – is made of powder-coated aluminum and tied by hand with a nylon-coated stainless steel cable. The result is a light and airy vertical garden that lets light and air flow through it. The ideal environment for bromeliads. To properly care for the tillandsia, simply spray water over the plants or submerge the waterproof frame in water.

Vertical mini gardens for indoors and outdoors

Vertical mini gardens aluminum frame tillandsia ornamental plants

The product is 100% recyclable and made in California by Josh. He even donates part of the proceeds to help protect the natural ecological system of the tillandsia. The designer also designed the AirplantVessel – a simple powder-coated vase that holds the ornamental plants as if on a pedestal. Airplantman’s products are available in the online shop.

numerous design options

Vertical mini gardens airplantman tillandsia species rootless

in the bathroom

vertical mini garden bathroom ornamental tillandsia

Tillandsia species

tillandsia frame wall hung vertical garden

rootless plants

Vertical garden airplantsman tillandsien rootless

airplantman projects vertical garden outdoor area

in the kitchen

airplantman joshrosen vertical mini gardens indoor kitchen

in a round frame

Vertical garden josh rosen tillandsien wood frame round

hanging on the wall

vertical garden aluminum frame ornamental plants outside airplantman

Vertical garden airplantsman ornamental frame

Vertical mini gardens josh roses tillandsia species frame

   airplant vessel vases pedestal rootless plants