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Vegetable garden on the windowsill- how to properly plant vegetables

Tomato stem window sill living room

Everyone knows, or at least can imagine, how great it is to serve dishes made from freshly picked vegetables in winter. Such vegetables can be, for example, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh parsley, celery or dill. Not only do they look pretty, they also taste good and are healthy. And you can have all of this in winter too. You can, if you feel like it, at home a spice or Vegetable garden on the windowsill invest. Bright rooms with windows that are located in the south, south-east or south-west are best suited for this. There the plants get enough light and warmth. If you also provide artificial light and regular, fresh air, you can count on a sufficiently good harvest.

Vegetable garden on the windowsill in flower boxes

Create wooden box-vegetables

Best to use for the Vegetable garden on the windowsill Wooden flower boxes with a length of 40 – 50 cm, a width of 20 – 25 cm at the bottom and 30 – 35 cm at the top and a length of 12 – 15 cm. If you want to make the flower boxes for the vegetable garden on the window sill yourself, you can use boards with a thickness of 20-40 mm. Spread small pieces of brick, gravel or coarse sand (preferably river sand) on the bottom of the boxes as a drainage ditch, on top of which you pour a nutritious peat soil. At the south window you can set up two to three rows of flower boxes. Simply build or buy a shelf for this. There must be a distance of at least 30 – 40 cm between the boxes.

 Vegetable garden on the windowsill with tomatoes


The tomato seeds for that Vegetable garden on the windowsill are sown in January in winter. The seedlings appear in February and in March they are already large enough to be transplanted into individual, sufficiently large pots. You should fertilize these regularly with ready-made fertilizer. To do this, mix a tablespoon of fertilizer in a bucket of water. If possible, regularly add ashes made from wood to the soil. Avoid fertilizers containing nitrogen, however, as the plants will otherwise develop too many leaves and too large stems. Pour in plenty of cool water. The tomato plants in the vegetable garden on the windowsill will grow so quickly, reaching a height of up to a meter in June. In July you will be able to harvest the first tomatoes. On average, a plant has 15-25 tomatoes. The plants will then continue to develop, grow and bloom and produce fruit two or three times by November.

 Leeks – the right way to put them on


The onions for the vegetable garden on the windowsill are best grown indoors in deep bowls. These close with lids that contain holes. You can also make them out of cardboard, in which you poke 20 to 25 holes with a diameter of 24 to 28 mm each. You dip these in molten paraffin so that they do not soften afterwards due to the water when pouring. You can also make the lid out of aluminum. In the bowl, add water in which you previously dissolved a gram of salt, after which you cover it with the lid. Cut off the tips of the onion and place them on the holes so that the roots touch the water. Put the bowl on a cupboard for three to five days. After that, you should find a bright place for it, like the window. The leeks from your vegetable garden will usually stop growing on the windowsill after 3 to 5 weeks. Maintenance is not difficult at all. You should only add water regularly.

Onion in the mixed soil


You can also grow the onions in a mixture of soil and fertilizer. In order for the leek to grow faster, you should soak the bulbs in warm water for a day or two before planting, vertically incise the tip of the onion several times and plant them close together. During the first 10 to 12 days it is not necessary to put this vegetable garden on the window sill. When the leeks have grown 5 to 10 cm high, however, you should move the flower boxes to a bright place. Depending on the soil and the size of the leeks, the bulbs should be watered once or twice a week.

Parsley and celery

Celery-on-the-windowsill-plastic pot

If you plant a few roots of parsley or celery in a flower pot or box with soil, you will enjoy this vegetable garden on the windowsill both in winter and in spring and be able to cook delicious dishes with fresh spices. Plant the roots of the parsley and celery at a distance of 3 to 6 cm. Be careful not to cover the buds with soil. You can also sow these aromatic plants, but they will take at least 3 weeks to grow.

Avoid watering too often

Grow vegetables on the windowsill

With these plants, be aware that if the soil is not aerated, too frequent watering can cause the roots to rot, mold and other diseases. Start watering when the buds start to develop, i.e. the first roots are formed. Moldy plants must be removed from the pot immediately. After cutting the leaves of the plants, it’s time to fertilize them.

Paprika in the flower pot


Rustic feeling in the apartment

Fruit bowl-vegetable garden-flowerpots-with-vegetables

Herbs at home



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