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Tips for caring for daffodils in the garden and in the flower pot

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Among the spring flowers, the daffodils are very popular. Its golden yellow flowers bring the sun into the winter garden. They smell very intensely and require little maintenance. The narcissus species are native to the Iberian Peninsula. There are two species native to Germany: the star daffodil, which grows in the western Alps, and the yellow daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus). It usually blooms around Easter, which is why it is also known as the daffodil. Both species are endangered as wild plants. There are over 50 varieties on the market, which differ in height, flowering time, flower size, color and shape. No matter which type you choose for your garden – they clearly convey the most beautiful message: winter is finally over. Whether in groups in the flowerbed or as a star in a flower pot on the windowsill – daffodils always put you in a good mood and are perfect as a blooming decoration. In this article you will find useful tips related to the Care of daffodils!

Proper care of daffodils in the garden

Narcissus flowering species suitable for naturalization flowerbeds

The color spectrum of the spring bloomers varies from white to yellow to salmon pink. The bright yellow or brilliant white awakens a spring mood and fills the rooms with a fresh spring scent. The right Care of daffodils is crucial for the blooming colors in the garden.

Daffodils thrive on a wet lawn that is mowed regularly. A well-supplied, fresh soil is important. Do not plant daffodils and bulbous plants together. Daffodils go well with rhododendrons. Even varieties that come from the Mediterranean region tolerate loose soils with good drainage better.

The ideal place for daffodils in the garden

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Planted once in autumn, daffodils will bloom again every year. Large-flowered daffodils love sunny to partially shaded places and can cope with any soil without waterlogging. When planting the daffodil bulbs, make sure that the bulbs do not touch each other in the pot. It is best to plant them in two layers – one on top of the other and slightly offset.

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Making daffodils bloom in the garden

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The daffodils feel very comfortable between meadow shrubs as pre-flowering plants. The foliage of the plants is not cut back in the perennial bed. You should not remove the leaves of the faded daffodils, but leave them to stand. The daffodils form denser clusters (clumps) in the garden from year to year, which you must not divide with spades, otherwise you will damage the flower bulbs. The daffodil bulbs are so deep in the ground that they are protected from the cold. Some varieties are particularly suitable for naturalization – e.g. cyclamen-flowered daffodils, trumpet daffodils, white poet daffodils. The plants can easily be spread out on the meadow.

Fertilizers for the daffodils

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It is advisable to apply a phosphate-reduced, quick-dissolving complete fertilizer after the daffodils have bloomed (early to mid-April) while the leaves of the daffodils are still green.

Caring for daffodils as a mood maker at home

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The daffodils also thrive in pots and boxes on balconies and terraces. Our home can be wonderfully decorated with daffodils (e.g. with the small Segovia daffodils, which are designed in old cups). However, many varieties and species are very sensitive to frost. So that they do not freeze through easily in the pot, it is advisable to buy daffodils for the balcony only in spring. After flowering, they can then be planted in the garden. Only water daffodils sparingly as potted plants, otherwise there will be waterlogging!

Daffodils driven for balconies

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Daffodils as a potted plant

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Daffodils are a shining highlight

Daffodils proper care tips bright yellow flowers potted plants

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