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Small garden – design and ideas in a shabby look

small garden design-dining area-light gray-rattan-furniture-privacy fence

Today we are going to introduce you to a small but perfectly designed shabby chic style garden. The beautiful mixture of green trees, shrubs and flowers create the perfect backdrop for the furniture and decorations in light nuances. Every detail in this beautiful garden counts. Take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself that a Small garden can come out big with the right design.

Small garden with great charm

small garden-design-shabby-country-style-vintage-decorations

The privacy fence made of wooden planks, which frames the small garden on three sides, was painted a light gray tone. This is the dominant color that makes the small room appear larger and looks great in combination with the green plants.

Small garden with a romantic vintage flair

small-garden-decoration-shabby-look-bench-beige-seat cushion

This garden shows a limited but perfect choice of plants in a strict color palette – green and white. White hydrangeas, rosemary, myrtle, English roses, fig and olive trees and cyclamen create a special feeling of lightness. The Mediterranean plants such as rosemary and lavender not only give the garden structure, but also pamper the nose with their wonderful scent.

high privacy fence painted in gray

small-garden-design-shabby-raised beds-privacy fence

The table and chairs are from the Dutch company Free Line. The flooring and the raised beds for the plants are made of natural stone. The integrated benches are a perfect solution for small gardens, because they offer seating for several people and save space. The soft pillows in checked and stripe patterns make them even more comfortable.

even the little pug embeds itself nightless in its surroundings

small garden design-shabby-look-dining area-rattan-furniture-table decoration-cyclamen-lantern

We love the idea of ​​using large baskets made of a light-colored weave as planters for the hydrangeas and roses. These were simply put in plastic garbage bags. Their floors have been drilled through for drainage.

large baskets as flower pots


The project was created by the English gardening and landscaping expert Claire Mee realized. This garden, although very small, has almost magical properties that would entice anyone outside on a summer evening.

Stone flower box with white hydrangeas

small garden design-shabby-vintage-decorations-white-hydrangeas

beautifully fragrant Mediterranean plants


striped pillows for greater comfort

small-garden-design-shabby-vintage-decorations-wooden-candle holders






small garden design shabby-dining area-rattan-furniture-fig-olive tree





small garden design-plant-ideas-box-tree-cyclamen-olive-tree

small garden design-country-style-white-colors-greenery



More ideas for the shabby chic garden:

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small garden planting table shabby wood slats flowers straw hat

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