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Problem areas in the garden can look attractive – see how!

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Problem areas in the garden can also be attractive and alluring if we treat them with the necessary skill and desire for change. How to do this and where to start, you will find out in the next few paragraphs.

Rethink problem areas in the garden

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First we want to start with the fence, as your guests will of course get the first impression of the fence. It’s nice to have a wide flowerbed around the fence from the outside. What matters is the area outside the fence, it needs to be designed in the same style as your garden. You have to keep this in mind when choosing your plants. If you are a lover of the Baroque style, you can plant pyramid-shaped thuja around the fence and beautiful shrubs on both sides of the footpath, the shape of which can be tended with scissors.

Carry out the garden design in the country house style

country style garden lawn front garden bed

Do you like the garden in the “rural” style? No problem! Then maybe you need fragrant lilac bushes, alternating hydrangea with asters and rudbeckia. Right next to the fence, rose plants (Physocarpus) look wonderful with two types of leaves. Yellow-green and purple will perfectly combine with purple and gold in the leaves of the thistle. If the room there is long and narrow, then it is not appropriate to have large trees and thick bushes side by side. A green fence at an average height will be your best choice! Spear bushes, weigela, snowberries (Symphoricarpus) and thistles can also thrive here.

The current lifestyle trend – roof garden

roof terrace modern flower pots-sustainable architecture

The roof gardens have become very popular lately. This is definitely a great idea that allows you to enlarge the garden area without having to invest additional money in buying new property. You can grow beautiful plants and colorful flowers on the roof of your house, garage or summer kitchen. Yes, that looks very attractive, without a doubt! But how can you create a flower bed or lawn on the roof? Flowers and grass don’t grow without soil, so you need substrate on the roof. But will the roof withstand such a load? The answer to this question will depend on the strength of the roof and the load on the floor that you are using.

Plan and plant roof gardens

small roof garden planter made of fiber concrete

Note the following tip: Planting can only be done on a roof with a slope of no more than 28 degrees. What plants can you grow there? First of all, of course, ground cover. First, they don’t grow too tall, and second, many of them are tolerant of cold temperatures.

Support for the plants on the roof

ideas suitable vegetation garden on the roof

Redesign problem areas in the garden: tea corner

seating area teak garden furniture coffee table footrest

A problem area in your garden can be turned into a cozy tea corner. A similar place is in most cases between the house and the fence, it is probably considered a small and uncomfortable place. The sun’s rays hardly touch this corner of the garden. You can plant grass or a lilac bush here, of course, but that seems too traditional.

Choosing the Japanese style for your own garden

bonsai tree japanese garden plant idea

We offer you something more interesting that will bring this corner to new life. Why don’t you design it in a Japanese style? Decorate the area with a straw mat, put a few pots of bamboo here and there. The Japanese style is emphasized again by some stone lanterns and stylish bonsai plants, which are best placed on a special stand so that you can enjoy them from all sides. You can drink warm aroma tea at a wooden table, painted in light colors. Which plants can be chosen for the tea corner? The Japanese quince, thistle, small cherry, spear bushes and others thrive here.

Overcrowding problem areas in the garden with flowers

flower garden beds-creating problem areas attractive

And finally, an extra tip for you! Do not try to overcrowd the area with different plants and flowers! It is better to choose only 2-3 types of plants and types of flowers that you like the most. For example, it is sufficient that only a small rhododendron bush or a few ferns are planted in the darkest corner. We can also warmly recommend the splendid spar, which look particularly impressive against the background of the bamboo straw mats.

A blooming garden always makes a good impression

Garden fence painted white flowerbed plants blooming wall

Avoid problem areas in the garden through untraditional design

modern garden paths with stepping stones

front yard natural stone border flower beds

garden with arched garden pond breed koi fish

large garden-design path crosses the water pond

vegetable bedding garden design ideas tips for planning

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shades of yellow autumn in the garden pond faucet

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