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Privacy protection fence for the garden – made of wood or plastic?

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A Privacy fence complete the overall picture of your terrace or garden. By using privacy screens in the garden, you ensure a pleasant ambience and privacy at the same time. The privacy fence is weatherproof, easy to care for, provides the necessary sun protection in summer and quickly becomes an eye-catcher. Which is just the right one for you – made of wood, plastic or WPC? The following information could be useful to you and make your decision easier.

Privacy fence made of wood for the garden

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If you want to protect yourself from prying eyes in your own garden, you can rely on large privacy screen elements made of wood. They create a natural look in the garden. A Privacy fence made of wood is versatile. Fences with interesting decorations with lattice elements, opaque or semi-transparent and made of different types of wood – Douglas fir, cedar, oak are offered. With the types of wood, care should be taken to ensure that they are weatherproof. Sometimes they need to be treated with special varnishes to increase weather resistance. A solid wood privacy screen is characterized by high stability, smooth edges and timeless shapes.

Visual protection fence made of plastic for the desired privacy

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There are several options for privacy screens for balconies and terraces, which are permanently installed or can be set up as required. The popular Privacy fence made of plastic elements is a permanent solution for the garden. It would cost you little effort and money to maintain it. No additional painting is required. Depending on the area of ​​application, plastic privacy screens are offered in different shapes and colors.

WPC privacy screen – semi-transparent or opaque

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Privacy fences made of WPC are enjoying increasing popularity. WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is a mixture of wood (natural fibers) and plastic and is used more and more in the garden area. The innovative material combines elegant silhouette, modern technology and traditional appearance. The WPC-Privacy fence is very robust, stable and weatherproof. Colored elements no longer have to be painted.

Vinyl fence in beige and white

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Wooden privacy screens bring nature directly onto your terrace

Privacy fence wooden garden fence demarcation

Elements made of wood in the privacy screen

Privacy screen wood garden fence patio

Wooden privacy screens with playful accents at different heights

Solid wood privacy screen garden design ideas terrace

Visual protection and wind protection made of plastic

Privacy screen plastic garden design ideas demarcation

Plastic privacy screens are a long-lasting design element for balconies and gardens 

Plastic privacy screen wood look garden

A fence made of WPC elements

WPC plastic fence-wood mixture-partition wall

WPC-Paravent – weatherproof and durable

WPC privacy screen wooden deck grill area outdoor

Privacy protection for more privacy

Privacy screen WPC materials-for the garden

Garden with pool loungers and privacy screens made of wood

Garden fence WPC privacy fence

Privacy fence plastic elements white


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