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Plastic privacy fence for garden – popular colors and decors

Privacy fence made of plastic wood look-braided-rose-climbing aid

Your own garden is one of the most beautiful places of retreat, where you can recover from the stress of everyday life and spend relaxing hours with family and friends. And even if a harmonious neighborhood is maintained, you usually want a quiet place where you can really be undisturbed. You should therefore include privacy fences when designing your garden, which will ensure more privacy on your property. And since the choice of models and materials is huge, homeowners are spoiled for choice. In addition to the classic variants made of wood, there are also privacy fences made of plastic, rattan, wicker and aluminum. If you attach great importance to minimal maintenance and an attractive appearance, you will be happy to build a privacy fence made of plastic.

Plastic privacy fence – the difference between WPC and PVC

Privacy fence made of plastic -pvc-wood-look-combination-hedge-lawn

A plastic privacy fence has a number of advantages over other materials. Compared to wood, for example, you don’t have to glaze or repaint it every year. That saves a lot of money when it comes to a relatively large number of meters. The material is also UV and weather resistant, dimensionally stable and can be easily cleaned with water and a sponge. Due to the variable dimensions and the different colors, plastic fences are suitable for every garden style. You can also combine the various privacy screen elements according to your own preferences and ideas.

If you are looking for the perfect privacy screen made of plastic, however, note that there is a difference between the abbreviations WPC and PVC:

  • WPC stands for the English term Wood-Plastic-Composite and is a plastic-wood mixture that combines the advantages of both materials into one robust material. The composite material is particularly popular as a terrace covering.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (abbreviated as PVC) is a widely used plastic that has become an integral part of our everyday lives. By adding plasticizers, it is adapted to the respective area of ​​application and therefore versatile. The designation PVC-U stands for plasticizer-free material and is perfect for the production of privacy fences. The hard window plastic is not attacked by light and weather conditions and proves to be insensitive to UV radiation and moisture. As a result, a PVC privacy fence Giving you long-term pleasure, practically without maintenance.

Set up a plastic privacy fence

Privacy fence made of plastic white-brown hanging plants

Privacy fences made of plastic window can be erected very quickly and easily compared to a hedge. This is ensured by intelligent plug-in systems or flexible tongue and groove systems. They guarantee a secure hold and are also suitable for direct mounting on walls or pillars. Matching posts are also available for the privacy protection panels, which complete the aesthetic overall picture.

Privacy fence made of plastic can be combined with various decorative elements

Privacy fence made of plastic wicker elements-wood look-green

Plastic privacy fences are available in almost every conceivable design. You can not only choose the shape of the fence, but also combine different types of trellis and fillings. Trellis elements should not only serve to loosen up, but can also be used as climbing aids for climbing roses.

Plastic privacy screen with a wood look

Privacy fence made of plastic wood look-light-braided elements-swimming pool

If you want to enjoy the beautiful appearance of wood in your own garden without having to glaze and paint the fence every year, then the plastic fence with a wood look would be a good choice. Thanks to new manufacturing processes, the plastic looks confusingly similar to real wood, but is much easier to care for than the natural material.

Privacy fence in modern white

Privacy fence-plastic-white-green-garden plug-lawn

Whether as an eye-catcher in the modern garden or as an addition to properties with a Mediterranean touch, a white fence leaves nothing to be desired. It also goes perfectly with the green of the lawn. The best part is that you don’t have to paint your white privacy fence every year to keep the color gleaming white like the first day.

Privacy fence made of plastic in light gray

Privacy fence-plastic-light-gray-opaque-build-up-fastening

Another very trendy color, gray is a wonderful backdrop for shrubs and flowers. Light gray impresses with its friendly character, while an anthracite-colored fence looks very elegant. The wide selection ensures that there is a suitable plastic privacy fence for every taste.