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Plants in the office: a piece of nature that we need in our living environment

design indoor greening has a positive effect on the working environment

In our dynamic world, most people work in enclosed areas of modern office buildings, where you stay in most of the day and have your hands full. This breaks our connection to nature, which has a negative effect on our psyche and physical comfort. For this reason, we need a lot of green in our ambience, where we work and live. It is therefore particularly important to incorporate as many natural elements as possible into our work environment. the Plants in the office are means of improving our work environment and have a positive sanitary, psychophysical and spatial contribution to our work environment.

Plants in the office for a healthier working atmosphere

Interior design with plants in harmony with the interior office

The flowers around us purify the air by releasing oxygen, their pleasant scents refresh our working atmosphere. It has long been proven that the green color of plants has a calming, refreshing effect, it reduces stress and irritation of the eyes, promotes concentration, produces pleasant emotions and improves the mood of the employees.

A lot of green is necessary where we live and work

Office design decoration Vertical - Green wall - Air purification

By green Plants in the office you can establish better organization in the interior, so you can easily separate certain areas from each other or delimit them. This has a positive effect on comfort in the work space, allows us to work more quietly and the visitors feel more comfortable in the office. Even if cut flowers are placed in a vase, it can drastically change the atmosphere around us. The flowers in the workplace should complement the interior design, so they should be selected correctly based on size and type of flower.

Arrange groups of plants

Indoor green-walled species of plants purify the air

You shouldn’t be wasteful with the colorful flower decorations. Try to add style and grandeur to the atmosphere of the office. Suitable places for flowers can be at the entrance of the room, around the tables for meetings, near water fountains. This is where you can get the best effect. With the help of the plants, certain parts of the interior can be marked or they can serve as an optical barrier when dividing numerous facilities into smaller rooms. In addition, the groups of plants can set beautiful accents in the work space and even emphasize the importance of the separate rooms.

Flowers in the workplace

decorations on the work table-pot flower green piece-nature

The choice of plant species is undoubtedly of the greatest importance. The natural light intensity, air temperature, air humidity, all of these must correspond to the conditions of the environment. It should be noted that these environmental factors have different values ​​at every point in the interior. The presence of fans, computers, air conditioners, heaters that dry the air, and the blinds also stop the sun’s rays. These are barriers to creating favorable conditions for the development of flower and plant species in the office.

Suitable plants in the office

decorative flower-planters indoor nature and human synthesis

Office suitable plants that prefer sunny spots are: Alocasia, Asparagus, Aphelandra, Begonia, Bromelia, Bougainvillea, Dizygotheca elegantissima, Dieffenbrachien, Dracaena, Episcia, Jasmine, Calanchoe, Clivia, Cordyline, Palms, Syngonium, Ficus, Philodendron, Hibicus , Peperomia and others. The most difficult thing is to find plants that will thrive in dark rooms, but there are such – aspidistra, ivy, cissus, roycissus, scindapsus pothos, fatshedera, fatsia, hoya and others.

This is how you design your living environment with style

sustainable interior design-office space green wall

Potted plants must be in harmony with the interior, furniture, style and colors of the office. Well-chosen and cared for flower pots or flower arrangements create style and elegance in the office. They harmonize well with modern decor, as well as with the works of applied and visual arts. The plants around us are a means to enrich and beautify our living and working environment. They show the synthesis between man and nature.

Create a positive atmosphere

Indoor plants factors to consider ventilation air conditioning heaters-drying-the air

The flowers are always a source of positive emotions. The variety of plant species and varieties offers a wide range of colors, textures and shapes. This would make it possible to design each room differently and attractively. If you want to change your living environment with original ideas, then you can follow our tips from today’s article. Green plants and fragrant flowers in your interior will help you work in a balanced and well-thought-out atmosphere. This will surely put you in a good mood and you will be able to work better and more effectively throughout the day.

Influence our work environment positively

Planter at the workplace Privacy protection-a lot of green-office

The modern work space is sustainable and environmentally friendly

plants in the office positively charged atmosphere

Potted plants that match the furniture and style

Flower arrangements elegance in the office decorations flower pot white

Liven up the desk with plants

healthy office atmosphere - decorated for work - with plants

Green potted plants in the office

white office furnishings-green plant arrangements

The plants in the office – real eye-catchers

Flower pots aluminum-design planters-office hallways

White flower pots - at the workplace - freshen the air

Office flower decoration water features water wall

exotic plants office space suitable plant species care tips

Plants for better organization dividing the areas

ecological living-working green wall-with flowerpots