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Planting cakes in baking molds – old cake molds as garden decorations

Cake baking mold - plants-cake molds-garden decoration-succulent-muffin tray

In times when every housewife is oriented towards the practical use of baking paper, disposable molds and these silicone when baking, the conventional one Cake baking pan made of sheet metal become old-fashioned and somehow obsolete. If you haven’t thrown away your old cake tins, you can put them to good use in the garden. Even rusted baking pans find a new use as decoration.

Giving a cake to the baking pan a new use – as a decorative flower pot

Cake baking mold -plant-plants-cake molds-garden decoration-round-succulents-rueschen

The well-known small and large Gugelhupf molds can be planted as a great upcycling idea with a wonderful decorative character. Small plants that don’t get much bigger become a question. As usual, these can be grown in an original container and transformed into an authentic garden decoration.

Planting the cake in the baking pan – creative gardening for beginners

Cake baking mold - plants-cake molds-garden decoration-growing-heart-succulents

To plant the cake pan you need the usual tools and materials, now you only need a small amount. Baking pans are relatively small compared to ordinary flower pots, which is why if you simply want to repot the plants, they will no longer need substrate.

Plant the cake in the ‘Heart’ baking pan

Cake baking mold - plants-cake molds-garden decoration-hearts-succulents

In a single cake pan, several plants can come in and thrive quite well. Since it is about garden decoration, you can put together different types as you like so that the end result looks harmonious and beautifies your outdoor area.

Plant the muffin tin or cake panCake baking mold -plant-plants-cake molds-garden decoration-muffin tray-muffinfoermchen

Old muffin tin can neatly house several small plants and each will have its own area. As a mini flower pot, but connected as a whole, this ‘flower tray’ looks really fantastic and original. Put it in a representative office so that this imaginative idea can get many words of praise.

Planting cakes in the baking pan – which plants are suitable

Cake baking mold -plants-cake molds-garden decoration-succulents-small-types

The plants that you want to plant in such a small container should in principle thrive well in a low-humus environment. Cacti and succulents are particularly suitable for this. Fortunately, there is a huge variety of these types of plants – sedum species, house lice, succulents and mini-cacti, which are particularly easy to care for and really robust.

Plant cake pan with small succulents and cacti

Cake baking mold - plants - cake molds - garden decoration - muffin tray - vintage cacti

Although these small plants are really robust and undemanding in terms of substrate, watering and fertilization, they also require certain care, especially in winter. Since they have adapted to the subtropical, they can tolerate drought, but too high humidity or low temperatures these plants will not survive. From November to March, when it is below 12-6 degrees outside, they should be temporarily housed somewhere.

Unusual garden decoration with cake tins

cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-succulents-small-creative

Sedum species, house lice, succulents and mini cacti are small, but really light-hungry plants. They should only be poured when the substrate has completely dried out. These plant species grow slowly and have to be fertilized two to three times a year during the growing season in summer.

Planting mini cake baking mold – pudding molds

cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-pudding-molds-metal-silver

Particularly decorative, even cute and very easy to care for, the succulent and houseleek species are suitable for people who are often on the move and cannot invest a lot of time in caring for the plants. Also planted in beautiful mini flower pots, they look downright cute.

Vintage decoration with aluminum pudding molds

cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-vintage-pudding-mold-dessert

Since these plants are normally native to desert areas, they require very little substrate and are therefore particularly experiment-friendly. Old puddle molds made of aluminum or sheet metal become shiny succulent vessels that show character.

Cake baking tin made of copper with succulents planted

Cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-copper-succulents

Metals Effects and shine are an often used element in contemporary design that is taking on new meaning. On the other hand, all cake baking molds in the modern household have had their day and are no longer usable. They can be used for new purposes as original flower pots inside or outside.

Decorate the cake with a hole in the baking pan

Cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-copper-round-succulents

The former cake tins are very robust and most of them are inherited from their mother or even grandmother by every housewife. Table decorations for the garden table and also indoors can be made very chic. Put a few mini plants in the baking pan and that’s all you have to do.

Variety of cake baking molds – different models, materials and colors optional

cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-chic-copper-flower-apple

Old, playful baking tins can be found in the basement or in a corner deep in the kitchen cupboard. If not, browse the stalls at the next flea market and you are sure to come across one or the other treasure.

Make a hanging basket yourself out of a cake pan


You present the most beautiful cake baking molds in the best possible way – hung up. Make a hanging basket yourself and hang it where you would like some kind of greenery, but have a real opportunity to put one up. Make a hole on each of the two opposite sides and tie with string or a suitable chain that will hold the load.

Plant the cake in the baking pan and let it hang

Cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-hanging baskets-succulents

Concrete garden decoration from cake baking pan – Gugelhupf made of concrete

Cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-concrete-pouring

Plant a cake pan with bulbous plants in spring

cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-concrete-spring flowers

Decorative concrete products have become a real trend lately. There are many versions of these on the market, but you can easily make them yourself. Cement is carefully mixed dry in a ratio of 1: 3-4 parts of sand and then water is added in portions until a smooth, slightly shiny consistency is achieved. Now just shake it into the molds. After the water steams, usually after about 48 hours, the shape created becomes a few millimeters smaller than the original. Thus, the concrete figure can be easily removed.

Cake baking pan as a casting mold for concrete

cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-spring-flowers-flowerpots-concrete

Various plants that do not need a lot of space to thrive are placed inside. Bulbous and spring flowers are also another option besides succulents and cacti. You are spoiled for choice! Of course, you can make candlesticks or lanterns out of them.

Plant old cake baking pan and place it in the garden as a decorative element

cake-baking-mold-planting-cake-molds-garden decoration-red-parasol-outdoor

Sometimes the garden decoration also has a practical use – for example, blind spots can be optically covered very well. Well, the parasol in the middle of the garden table is not a convincing picture, but with an old cake pan full of flowers it gets a completely different appearance.