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Plant fountain grass in the garden for texture and color

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If you want to achieve texture in your garden, you should definitely consider grasses. The variety of types is huge, so it can be difficult to make a choice. To help you a little, we’d like to introduce you to a certain species that you’re sure to like. This is the fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum). That Fountain grass in the garden gives a nice color and texture and can be used almost anywhere thanks to its flexibility.

Fountain grass in the garden – easy-care specimen

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The fountain grass is also extremely easy to care for, which is another reason for its popularity. Whether in the garden, in the flower pot on the terrace or balcony or on the roof terrace, these grasses shouldn’t be missing in the first place. We would like to share with you tips on care and some information about the fountain grass in the garden.

Fountain grass in the garden with attractive colors

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What sets this weed apart from others is its interesting color. At ground level, the plant has green blades of grass that gradually turn from Burgundy to black towards the top. In this way, the fountain grass in the garden adapts perfectly to the other plants, but at the same time remains an accent and a real eye-catcher.

Texture in the garden


The reason for this is not just the color. The ends are reminiscent of foxtails and fall outwards like a fountain. This is where the name of the grass comes from. The awns appear in spring and adorn the plant until late summer and often well into autumn. The fountain grass in the garden looks particularly pretty when a light wind blows and the awns sway back and forth.

Compact size


Another benefit that this type of weed comes with is its size. The medium-high plants do not take up much space in the garden. This is a quick and easy way to find a suitable place to display the fountain grass in the garden.

Rapid growth


Furthermore, the grass is characterized by rapid growth. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a full-grown plant. In a short time you will have a full-grown fountain grass in the garden, which nicely frames lower plants in the foreground or serves as an interesting background.

Design flower beds according to plant size

Fountain grass in the garden texture flowerbed care tips

A flower bed is usually divided into three rows. In the front area are the low plants and flowers. Plant the medium-high species in the middle row. The fountain grass in the garden can also find its place here. Behind it you place the higher plants again. This way you can be sure that each plant is noticed and not lost.

Fountain grass in groups

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As attractive as grasses are, they usually don’t come into their own as a single plant. You can counteract this by creating groups. This means a mix of at least three grasses. Between each fountain grass in the garden, leave enough space between them for each of the plants to develop well.

Fountain grass as a single plant

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As a single plant, the grass is again suitable in a flower pot or planter. Make sure the container is big enough for the grass. If the upper edge has a diameter of 60 cm, this is sufficient. Since the flower pot is usually viewed from all sides, you should plant the fountain grass in the middle. Leave it alone or circle it with other, lower plants, such as petunias or magic bells, which add more interesting colors to the arrangement.

Watering the grass

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Before planting the fountain grass in the garden, loosen the soil well. He likes loose soil very much. He is also not allowed to hold water. Always allow the soil to dry out a little before the next watering. The fountain grass is quite tolerant of dry periods, provided it has settled in, so to speak, i.e. strong roots have formed.

Fountain grass in the garden – The location


In principle, the fountain grass in the garden is quite robust. However, we recommend that you choose a place in partial shade or a place in the east or south-east to plant the grass. The plant does not get the strong sun in the afternoon in summer so well. There is a risk that it will dry you out in the summer.

Grasses in winter

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In winter, the fountain grass stays in the garden and does not require any special care. If you live in a region with a mild climate, you should prune it back in February. Leave a length of six to eight inches. This means that your grass can regrow to the full and delight you with its beautiful structure in the coming season. In cold winters, it will likely be necessary to replant the grass. In such regions it is cultivated as an annual plant.