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Modern landscape architecture in the garden – 2 projects by Urban Exotic

modern terrace landscape architecture in the garden australia garden privacy screen

A beautifully designed landscape around the house is just as important as a beautiful interior. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor living space, it would be a shame if it is not furnished and used to the maximum. We present 2 current examples for you modern landscape architecture in the garden, designed by Urban Exotic from Australia.

Example of contemporary landscape architecture in the garden

modern landscaped patio garden privacy screen bamboo plants pillows

The owners of this terrace in Paddington, Sydney wanted to build a modern courtyard in the 42sqm room at the rear of the terrace. It should be a space for entertainment and the privacy the city needs. The terrace is aesthetically pleasing from all angles, including from the bedroom on the second floor. The owner dreamed of integrating a water feature that she saw on a trip to Bali – a wall of water that cascades into a small pond. You can see how beautiful the landscape architects have made their dream come true.

Plan the landscape architecture in the garden well

modern terrace courtyard garden architecture barbecue area

It was a big challenge to divide such a small space into separate dining and cooking areas. The result creates the illusion of more space, not less. The choice of black for the outer walls was just as bold. In this case, it creates a perfect backdrop so that the many shades of green in the planting are emphasized.

View from the bedroom on the second floor

Landscape architecture in the garden view above small terrace

Water feature and bamboo plants

modern landscape architecture garden water feature black color

modern landscape architecture garden water wall game cascade

Coastal Oasis is another Urban Exotic landscape project in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia. In this project, the combination of stone slabs, wooden furniture, exotic vegetation and carefully planned lighting creates a great atmosphere, ideal for summer evenings and brunches.

Coastal Oasis Landscape project

terrace design floor stone slabs wood furniture Urban Exotic

Palm trees and exotic plants

modern architecture garden courtyard privacy screen palm trees wooden furniture

interesting panels on the wall

modern garden architecture palm trees wall building wall panels pattern

modern landscape architecture garden terrace outdoor kitchen grill dining area

Coastal Oasis terrace design palm trees Urban Exotic white facade

modern garden architecture terrace lighting palm trees stone floor slabs

modern landscape architecture terrace project Urban Exotic example

Landscape architecture in the garden terrace garden Urban Exotic Australia