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Modern garden design 2015 – 5 current trends in the garden

Modern garden design 2015 trends-round-soil-sunken-flowerbeds-birch-led-strips

The New Year brings new opportunities and trends in landscaping that you are welcome to try. Maybe it’s time to redesign your outdoor space? Discover what’s current for the modern garden design 2015 and give your garden that special something by implementing one of the upcoming trends in your outdoor area. Be inspired by the ideas and enjoy your garden area even more in the future.

1. Modern garden design 2015 – gardens that are beautiful and edible

modern-garden-design-2015-covered-terrace-vegetable garden-raised beds

Homeowners are looking for modern garden design ideas that don’t just focus on the beauty of flowering plants. You can also grow fruit and vegetables without giving up the modern look. Chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, and green salads are planted under ornamental plants to create an interesting, decorative effect. Separating flowers from vegetables in the garden is a thing of the past. Use vegetables to decorate the beds. Different types of cabbage are perfect for this purpose.

Modern garden design 2015 trends-edible-garden-raised beds-decorative

Combine tomatoes with roses or asparagus with raspberries. Swiss chard “Bright Lights” could be just as decorative as any flowering shrub. Place the plants in beautiful decorative raised beds so that they can be even more accentuated. These variants in two heights, which were placed alternately next to each other, are also a very nice idea.

2. Modern garden design 2015 – attract birds, butterflies and bees

Modern garden design 2015 butterfly garden-plants-wood-privacy fence-hedges

More and more gardeners are trying to invite butterflies, birds and bees to their gardens, especially according to the expert’s testimony that bee populations around the world are at risk. One of the favorite nectar plants for butterflies and bees is the wild basil “African Blue”. Violets are the first choice of host plants for many butterflies. Yarrow and hyssop will attract native bees. For our feathered friends, you can build beautiful bird holes or a bird bath.

3. Privacy protection through hedges and plants

Modern garden design 2015 - bench - fireplace - garden hedge - evergreen - laurel cherry

Let plants and hedges help create more privacy in your garden. Many designers are responding to this growing demand by creating a variety of designs for vertical greening. Evergreen hedges with holly and box trees remain popular choices. High hedges can also be combined with low privacy screens. A green type of privacy screen creates more naturalness and prevents your garden design from going too artificial.

4. The calming sound of water

Modern garden design 2015 natural-looking water features

Garden water features are more popular than ever, ranging from fountains and walls of water to serene ponds. The sound of rippling water is calming and can keep away or at least attenuate disturbing noises such as traffic noise. Thus, water features are also not a bad idea for urban roof terraces. In a larger garden, water features can be used in different ways. Add a stream or waterfall to a pond. The latter can also be used practically in a pool. A water wall is very popular for the minimalist and modern garden.

5. Outoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces

Modern garden design 2015 trends-seating area-outdoor-grill-pergola-aluminum-frame

Gone are the days of wobbly garden furniture on the terrace, because today your outdoor seat can be just as cozy and inviting as your interior. The new outdoor textiles with excellent properties come in any pattern and ensure comfort and colorful accents outdoors. The grill is practically part of the terrace. But you should also consider fixed structures made of stone, including a pizza oven. You can also go a step further and build an entire outdoor kitchen that integrates a grill, pizza oven, and other things right away. Garden kitchens are a constant trend because they make spending time outdoors much more convenient.

Modern garden design 2015 -outdoor-kitchen-garden bar-pool-water features-privacy hedge

Outdoor kitchens nowadays offer all the practical functions that can be found in an eat-in kitchen. And much more! Large worktops with shelves and shiny kitchen appliances that would delight any grill fan. A small garden bar would be the perfect alternative to the spacious grill and dining area and is the perfect option for party fans to effectively spend time with friends.

Modern garden design 2015 – have a small garden bar built

Modern garden design 2015 -trends-covered-garden-bar-white-corner sofa-wood

The bar or kitchen do not always have to be lavish or large in size. You can treat yourself to this luxury even in a small garden. Just choose a smaller size. Combine it with a cozy seating area, which is best located nearby so that you can enjoy your finished drink in a relaxing way without having to make a detour.

modern garden bench made of stone and wood

modern-garden-design-2015-corner-bench-wood-concrete-water feature-fountain

Very trendy for modern garden design in 2015 is the mix of materials that can be used in different elements outdoors. The terrace, for example, can be made of wood, but have a stone bench, or it can be framed by a low wall made of natural stone. Stone tiles for the flooring can also be combined with wooden or plastic furniture and metal can also be integrated as required.

round step plates made of concrete

modern-garden-design-round-stepping-plates-concrete-gravel-flooring-bamboo poles

Modern gardens are very often characterized by garden paths made of stepping stones. These are available in different shapes and sizes. In minimalist garden design, square or rectangular panels are preferred. Such round designs also look modern. Here you can play with the diameter and provide variety. Not all circles have to be the same size. Concrete is a particularly practical material because it is durable and can even be used for DIY projects.

garden arranged on several levels

Modern garden design 2015 white-plastered-retaining wall-open-fireplace-wood-privacy fence

Sloping gardens are often divided into several levels, which is an alternative for embankments. In this way, the individual levels can not only be used for planting, but also for the design of terraces and seating areas. But if you don’t have any slopes in your outdoor area, you can still create a terraced look by simply designing such a landscape yourself and building higher levels with the help of a lot of earth. Small outdoor areas can be made more interesting this way.

straight lines in modern landscaping

Garden design 2015 privacy-protection-plants-ficus-hillii-bamboo plants-slender-weaver

Straight lines are not atypical for modern garden design in 2015 either. Regular tiles are preferred and the pool is not round or oval, but rectangular. A high level of privacy can be loosened by higher plants, which of course are just as straight and planted in a row.

beautiful lighting in the garden is very important


The lighting is an important factor and for the modern garden design 2015 the accent will be placed on the beds. Lamps built into the ground illuminate any eye-catching specimen from below and thus not only create a harmonious ambience, but also enable you to view and enjoy your garden design in the dark.

Concrete surfaces in contrast with the green plants

Modern garden design 2015 flooring-tiles-gray-lawn-floor lights


Modern garden design 2015 -wood-bench-concrete-raised beds-ornamental grass-solid wood-coffee table


Modern garden design 2015 -trends-vertical-garden-herbs-patterns


modern-garden-design-water features-stepping-plates-concrete-sun loungers


garden design-trends-butterfly-garden-stand-bucket-golden-balls-decoration

garden design-trends-small-vegetable-garden-ornamental onion-edge



modern-garden-design-2015-trends-garden-courtyard-privacy protection-climbing-plants-lighting-


modern-garden-design-2015-trends-garden-lawn-bench-wooden-panels-privacy protection