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Make the garden colorful in autumn with flowers and plants

garden in autumn garden design-tips-flower-ideas

Anyone who enjoyed a colorful, blooming garden all spring and summer would of course want to keep it that way in autumn. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose really blooming specimens or those with colored leaves. But what do you plant in the Garden in autumn? We would like to introduce you to some interesting ideas for combining plants in autumn, which impress with their breathtaking colors and which you are welcome to try out this year. These are annual as well as perennial plants, so that you can either create new compositions every year or enjoy the same composition for many years.

Beautiful garden in autumn – color green and Burghunder

garden in autumn colored nettle-burgundy-color-leaves-pretty

Burghunder is the perfect color for fall. So, if you plant different specimens in the fall, then representatives with these reddish leaves should definitely not be missing. Here you have a large selection of colored nettles (Solenostemon), among which the variants are almost infinite. The “Lancelot” variety is particularly pretty, but you can also combine it. In addition to a natural garden path, the plants for the garden are particularly effective in autumn.

How do I decorate my garden with plants in autumn?

garden in autumn sage-red-color-autumnal-design

You can combine “Lancelot” very well with the sage (Salvia). On the one hand, this forms a contrast with its green leaves, but on the other hand also adapts to the Burghunder with the flowers in warm color nuances. These annual arrangements for the garden in autumn can be repeated every year or simply implemented in a different bed the next year.

Purple, yellow and blue

garden in autumn dahlia-mystic-illusion-dark-leaves-yellow-flowers

The colored nettle “Black Prince” is another pretty variant with which you can expand your green plants. Combine this with the black-leaved dahlia “Mystic Illusion”, which also has bright yellow flowers. Mealy sage can represent the blue color. This plant for the garden in autumn consists of bluish flowers and green leaves.

Purple and red


With its leaf shape, the taro is reminiscent of elephant ears. A blooming garden in autumn is also achieved if you combine the orange scented nettle (Agastache cana) with the taro (Colocasia esculenta) and above all the variant “Black Magic” with its dark, purple leaves and a red colored nettle. You get a unique color combination for the arrangement in your garden, which also impresses with a pretty texture.

Purple and purple


The African pennon cleaner grass (Pennisetum setaceum) “Rubrum” can be complemented in many ways in your garden in autumn with other plants. Choose between the Indigo Sage (Indigo Spiers), the Strobilanthes dyeranus with its purple striped leaves and the Taro or, best of all, all three specimens. For the background in the bed you can also choose the lamp cleaner grass (Pennisetum) “Vertigo”.



If you don’t want to do without ornamental shrubs, we recommend the Thunberg barberry (Berberis thunbergii), which you can shape into interesting balls. With green hedges or other bushes in the background, the barberry comes through the red leaves in the Garden in autumn very good expression. The ball cut also prevents the shrub from spreading undisturbed, as the formation of fruits is stopped.

Hedge plants


In the same bed where the barberry is located, the Japanese holly (Ilex crenata), the spindle bush (Eunonymous) “Manhattan” and the Julianes barberry (Berberis julianae) can also be added in the autumn garden. These shrubs impress with their texture and color, are evergreen and grow very low, so you can easily fill in small open spaces with them.

Red, yellow and silver


The best way to decorate the garden in autumn is with plants and flowers. If you would like to do this and plant new specimens in autumn, we also have some tips for you in the color combination red-yellow-silver. Zinnias (Zinnia) are impressive flowers, the variety Bernarys Giant with red flower color even more so. Combine this strong color with the greyish Centaurea gymnocarpa, as well as the lime green variants of the zinnias “Envy”.

Design the background

garden-autumn-pointed-leaf tiger-sunhat-ornamental-grass-greening-ideas-combine

The “Vertigo” lamp cleaner grass is again suitable for the background. You can combine this with the yellow-flowered slit-leaved coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata) and a silver-leaved sunflower (e.g. Helianthus argophyllus). These are tall plants for the garden in autumn, so you can use them to decorate the back of the bed perfectly without the flowers and plants getting lost in all the color mix.

Orange, yellow and lime

garden-autumn-changing roses-flame-colors-yellow-orange-red

Design the bed in the garden in autumn from front to back in the following way: First the impressive Lantana with its flame-colored flowers, then the magnificent Arctotis in a red-orange color, the Mexican giant sysop (Agastache mexicana) in pale orange and the Indian milkweed (Asclepias curassavica), which is very similar in color to the changing rose.

Flowers for the garden in autumn


For the third row, choose the sprawling sweet potato (Ipomea batata) and, more precisely, the variant “Sweet Caroline Bronze”. Finally, there are a few colored nettles, only this time in a green color with speckled leaves to provide a little variety in the bed full of warm nuances. This is how the garden becomes a real gem in autumn.

Pink, fuchsia and lime

garden-autumn-spherical amaranth-flower-mix-pink-flowerbed

Finding a real pink can be difficult. Most of the time, the flowers have a shade that makes them appear bluish or reddish. In the garden in autumn create a bed of the honey bush (Melianthus major) for the foreground and the perilla with its dark leaves. You can add a pink accent with the spider flower (Cleome), which you can combine with the sage “Waverly”, the ball amaranth (Gomphrena), the sweet potato “Dwarf Marguerite” and the wild artichoke (Cynara cardunculus).

Pale pink and sky blue in the autumn garden

garden in autumn browallia-blue-purple-beet-design

If you prefer pastel shades for your garden in autumn, we recommend the attractive verbena “Lavender Cascade” with its pale pink flowers. They look wonderful in combination with the flat ear grass (Chasmanthium latifolium) and the sky-blue browallia (Browallia americana). The result is a romantic blaze of colors that make the gray sky look much friendlier in autumn.

Yellow and blue


With this variant for the bed in the garden in autumn, you can use the indigo sage again. The Sterntaler (Melampodium) sets a strong yellow contrast to its blue flowers, while the colored nettle “Lancelot” and the sweet potato “Dwarf Marguerite” increase the volume and thus ensure a perfect texture. In this way, the not so lush growth of the first two specimens is compensated for.

Yellow, lime and purple


Create a hedge of Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) and prune it regularly to keep it small. In addition, plant the dahlia “Mystic Illusion” in the garden in autumn, the splendor of which will begin to delight you around Halloween. Also create a mix of the purple-colored parrot leaves (Alternanthera dentata), the green, lime-colored nettles and the green harp bush (Plectranthus forsteri). The Guarani sage “Royal Purple” is suitable for the background..

Insects in the garden


If you also want to attract insects in your garden in autumn, you need flowers with plenty of nectar. The cuttlefish (Cuphea platycentra) with its red-orange flowers is very suitable. Combine with sage, agastache and lion’s ears (leonotis) and create a pretty color mix.