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Is artificial turf the new garden trend? The high-quality artificial turf offers these advantages

Artificial grass for garden with drainage garden party from above

There are many garden trends, but hardly any one has generated as much interest among garden owners in recent years as the purchase of artificial turf. Originally it was only used in the sports sector – but has now also established itself as an alternative floor covering in numerous other areas. If you want to replace the natural grass with artificial grass at home, you should still keep a few things in mind, which we will go into in more detail below.

What are the advantages of artificial turf compared to real turf for your home??

A piece of artificial turf in close-up

At first glance, it sounds like a sensible idea to replace the natural grass in your own garden or on the terrace with the artificial turf, which has become more and more popular in recent years. But can small synthetic fibers really replace the magnificent sight of the naturally grown, lush green and blend in well with the look of the garden?

This is possible because a characteristic of high quality artificial turf or. Premium artificial grass is that it looks like real lawn – not only from a distance, but also up close. This is made possible by a design of the synthetic fibers based on the natural growth of the lawn, which should not only have different colors, but also different lengths and shapes.

The advantages of artificial turf come to the fore especially in warm years, but they also score points with significantly lower maintenance costs in cooler temperatures or a lot of precipitation. In addition, there is no need for regular mowing on the one hand, but also weeding of weeds or fertilization in spring on the other.

How is the laying done and what costs have to be taken into account?

Laying artificial turf in the garden or backyard of a terraced house

Anyone who has decided to use artificial turf for the greening of their garden must plan the laying well in any case so that the surface is level afterwards. The prerequisite for this is a surface that is just as level, which is why an old lawn or bare earth are not suitable.

Rather, experts recommend using either a sufficiently high layer of filler sand or a mix of sand and cement. While the latter variant is more professional, but also more expensive, when laying the artificial turf it is also important that rainwater can drain off properly afterwards.

Depending on the model, the resulting costs are the biggest disadvantage with artificial turf. A square meter of artificial turf can be had for around 15 euros, but high-quality products can cost more than 40 euros. Added to this are the costs for the sand and the actual laying. In descending order, the costs for domestic lawns are as follows:

1. Artificial grass

2. Turf turf

3. Lawn seeds

How does artificial turf perform in everyday use at home??

Chair stands on artificial turf in the garden

Nevertheless, a lot of reports from satisfied users show that both the time and costs involved in laying artificial turf are worthwhile. In practice, the synthetic fibers perform extremely well due to their enormous durability.

Keyword use: Depending on how intensively the artificial lawn is used, owners can expect a service life of at least ten years. Often the premium products from well-known manufacturers last significantly longer.

If you are not bothered by the artificial fiber and the different feel compared to real lawn, you will acquire a well-engineered product with high-quality artificial lawn, the hot summer can not harm it and that can convince with low maintenance requirements, a level surface and a great look.

Buy and lay artificial turf for the garden by the meter

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