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Idea for garden pond design – floating step plates in the pond

Idea for garden pond design pool floating stairs

Step plates that seem to float above the water are a cool one Idea for garden pond design and a good alternative to bridges in shallow water. Visually, floating step plates are much more interesting and modern. To avoid slipping accidents, they should be used in still or slowly flowing water. Ideally, the pond should be no deeper than 30 centimeters and step plates at least 2 to 5 centimeters higher than the water level. Read on to find out more about it!

Idea for garden pond design with floating step plates

Idea for garden pond design - step plates - stone pillar - square

Choose sturdy step plates made of concrete or natural stone that will not break under your feet and can withstand the weather. Make sure they are flat and level. A slightly structured surface prevents slipping on wet ground.

Idea for garden pond design – step plates on pillars in the water


The construction of the “floating” step plates in the garden pond is very easy. They are fixed with mortar on wide pillars made of concrete or brick. These pillars, on the other hand, are on a cement foundation for more stability. The step plates should be slightly larger than the pillars. If pond liner is used, the cement foundation must be built in advance and the liner laid between two layers of suitable subsoil. This will prevent damage to the pond liner from the pillars.

clear lines and a modern look

Idea for garden pond design concrete-stone-slabs-led-lighting-asymmetrical

A garden pond can be built in above ground or in the ground. In an elevated pond, however, the effect of floating step plates cannot be created so successfully, because the concrete pillars are easy to notice.

Create beautiful color contrast


Light stepping stones and dark water – this is a popular contrast that can be seen in modern pond design. Dark gravel and black pond liner are used for this. It would also be interesting if the water from one pond overflows smoothly into another, as shown in the example above.

Different levels

idea-garden-pond-design-concrete-floating-step-plate-seating area

Swimming pool and pond can be adjacent and built on different levels. Unless you are growing aquatic plants or fish in the pond, it must not be deeper than 20-30 centimeters.

Distance between the step plates


Stepping stones can be made of slate, natural or artificial stone. They should be positioned close enough so that they can be stepped on safely. For example, 40-45 square centimeter panels should be mounted 25 centimeters apart.

Shallow water plants for the garden pond


Zantedeschia (Zantedeschia aethiopica Crowborough) also tolerates colder temperatures. It can also be sunk underwater in a planter. The “Green Goddes” variety produces white flowers with a green discoloration and prefers shallow water less than 8 inches deep.

Iris pseudacorus ‘Variegata’ is commonly called the swamp iris. Has yellow flowers and can grow up to 2 meters tall.

Houttuynia cordata ‘Chameleon’, also known as the colorful lizard tail, has red stems and aromatic yellow-red-green leaves. The plant prefers shallow water up to 5 cm deep and spreads quickly.

Water plants for garden ponds – 30 – 45 cm deep


The roots of the white calla (Lysichiton camtschatcensis) grow deep down, so that the pond bottom layer should not be less than 30 cm.

The two-year water ear (Aponogeton distachyos) has fragrant white flowers and spreads quickly. Thrives well in cold water.

Nymphaea Water Lilies – Check labels for required depth. Some prefer a depth of 30-60 cm, others thrive in 20 cm of water. With its carmine-red flowers, the Nymphaea ‘Froebelii’ is a real eye-catcher.

Oxygen-producing aquatic plants that keep the pond water clear


Hottonia palustris (water feather) is an easy-care plant with light green foliage and is particularly suitable as a transition between low and high water plants.

Lagarosiphon major, also known as the African waterweed, is a rapidly growing oxygen supplier and can also handle low water temperatures well.

Put aquatic plants in a bucket


Since many types of aquatic plants can spread very uncontrollably, it would make sense to first plant them in a bucket and then sink it into the pond.

Idea for garden pond design – lighting in the pond

idea-garden-pond-design-floating-step-plates-lighting-water-terrace-dining area

Water lighting in the pond can additionally emphasize the effect of floating stairs and looks particularly enchanting. The lights are reflected in the water and can also shine in different colors. Use a special pond substrate instead of potting soil and gravel as the top layer.

Water lighting – functional and incredibly beautiful


In addition to being incredibly decorative, water lighting can also be functional. So there is no risk of falling into the pond at night.

indirect lighting


Instead of recessed lights, you can also opt for LED strips and indirect water lighting. These can be nicely installed along the edge of the pond or under the step plates.

Cross a narrow pond

idea-garden-pond-design-water feature-tread-plate-narrow-terrace

If your pond is narrow and not particularly large, you can also lay a single step plate. This guarantees easy access to the house.

Idea for garden pond design – add elements close to nature

idea-garden-pond-design-water feature-wood-terrace-stone-concrete-step plates

Elements close to nature such as rocks in the pond can create a nice contrast to the clear lines of modern pond design. There are also artificial rocks on the market that look true to the original but are light in weight.

Round concrete stepping stones


You can choose not only the material, but also the shape of the step plates. Round, oval, square or rectangular…. the choice is yours.

Travertine step plates in the Koi pond


Match the color and material of the step plates with the house facade. Concrete looks cool and contemporary, while travertine has a Mediterranean character.

blue tiles in the water basin


If you don’t really want to look into the dark water, you have another option – to line the water basin with colorful tiles. The perfect color is sky blue!

Idea for garden pond design – level water basin


The water basin, which is flush with the ground in the lawn, is particularly attractive. The crowns of the nearby trees can be wonderfully reflected on the surface of the water.

Water feature nearby


If you are planning a water feature for the garden pond, make sure that wet step plates can pose a risk of slipping.

floating-step-plates-concrete-pool-fountain-wooden slatted roofing